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The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

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  Latest News

JBHE Weekly Bulletin — December 22, 2005

Hurricane-Ravaged Southern University of New Orleans Cuts 19 Academic Programs: The board of supervisors of the Southern University system has completed plans for the rebirth of the university campus in New Orleans that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Damage estimates are as high as $350 million. Classes are scheduled to resume next month in trailers supplied by the Federal Emergency Management Association.

Deficit Warnings at Harvard Suggest Concerns About Black Studies: The Dean of Arts and Sciences, William C. Kirby, publicly warns of deficits facing Harvard College — $40 million this year, heading for $80 million in five years.

When Black High School Students Fear For Their Safety, Preparing For College is Not Their Priority: Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of black students in the nation' s public schools must constantly look over their shoulder rather than look down at their textbooks or up at their teachers in the front of the classroom.



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