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The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

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Letters to the Editor
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JBHE Weekly Bulletin — December 15, 2005

Assessing Black Enrollment Progress Over the Past Quarter-Century at the Nation's Highest-Ranked Universities: Since 1980 the black student percentage of the total enrollments at 18 of the nation's 26 highest-ranked universities has continued to rise. Many of the largest increases in black student enrollments since 1980 have occurred at southern universities.

The Huge Racial Poverty Gap is a Major Obstacle for College-Age African Americans: For a four-person family with an income of only $20,000, a college education for their children is an impossibility unless they can receive substantial financial aid for most if not all of the cost of college.

The False Promise of Basketball As the Best Route Out of Inner-City Proverty for Young Blacks: Surveys have shown that up to one half of all young black basketball players in inner-city high schools believe that they have a chance to make it as professionals in the National Basketball Association. But these beliefs are based on myth more than reality.



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