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  Latest News

JBHE Weekly Bulletin — December 1, 2005

Massachusetts Set to Increase Financial Aid to Low-Income Students: Under the proposal, each low-income college student would receive about $3,600 in state aid each year, the equivalent of tuition at a state-run community college.

The Race Card is in Play at Indiana University: At its first campus-wide emergency meeting in nearly 20 years, the faculty council at Indiana University in Bloomington overwhelmingly expressed a lack of confidence in the leadership of system chancellor Adam W. Herbert Jr.

Higher Education Paying Off for Blacks in Britain: According to a new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, only 22 percent of the black population of the United Kingdom is now in the lowest socioeconomic tier.

JBHE Study Shows Significant Increase in Black Freshmen at the Nation's Highly Ranked Colleges and Universities: A report released today by The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education finds that enrollment of black freshmen at the nation's highly ranked universities and liberal arts colleges continues to rise. Combined, the number of black freshmen at these institutions has increased by nearly 10 percent since 1994.



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