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The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

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  Latest News

JBHE Weekly Bulletin — November 24, 2005

Racial Gap in Home Values Puts Blacks at a Severe Disadvantage in Financing the Higher Education of Their Children: A new study by Thomas Shapiro, a professor at Brandeis University, finds that even for blacks who own their home, a significant racial gap occurs in the appreciated value of the property. This equity value gap means that black families have less credit available for home equity loans to help pay for their children's higher education.

Blacks Make a Decent Showing on List of the World's Top Public Intellectuals: A poll conducted by the British intellectual journal Prospect and the American magazine Foreign Policy has ranked the world's 100 leading public intellectuals from a list compiled by the editorial boards of both publications.

Professor Harvey Mansfield Continues to Scapegoat Blacks for Grade Inflation at Harvard: In a recent interview with the conservative monthly The Dartmouth Review, Harvey C. Mansfield, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Government at Harvard University, reiterated his now two-decade-long campaign to blame black students for the onset of grade inflation at Harvard.



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