Six Medical Schools in Texas Accused of Illegal Racial Preferences in Admissions

The America First Legal Foundation’s (AFL) Center for Legal Equality has filed a class-action lawsuit against six Texas medical schools for what the foundation claims are illegal race and sex preferences in their admissions decisions.

The foundation’s client, a white male, applied unsuccessfully for admission to six medical schools in Texas in the 2021-2022 cycle. He then filed an open records request and obtained the race, sex, grade-point average, and MCAT score data for every applicant. The data revealed that the median and mean grade-point averages and MCAT scores of admitted Black and Hispanic students are significantly lower than the grade-point averages and MCAT scores of admitted White and Asian students.

Stephen Miller, president of America First Legal Foundation and former speech writer and policy advisor for President Trump, stated that “decisions about who gets to be a doctor — with power over life and death — should be made based solely on merit. When you or a loved one shows up in an emergency room all you care about is getting the best treatment possible — not whether the hospital’s VP of equity has fulfilled a quota.”

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