Blacks Make Up 18 Percent of Admitted Students at Harvard University

Harvard College accepted 3.43 percent of applicants to the Class of 2025 — 1,968 students out of the 57,435 who applied — marking the lowest admissions rate in college history. A year ago, Harvard accepted 4.92 percent of all applicants.

African American or Black students make up 18 percent of the admitted class, a significant increase from the 14.8 percent of the admitted students for the previous class. Typically the yield rate for Balck students at Harvard is lower than the yield rate for the accepted class as a whole. Thus, the percentage of Black who enroll in the first-year class at Harvard is usually slightly less than the percentage of Black students who are admitted.

“We have the most diverse class in the history of Harvard this year, economically and ethnically,” reports William R. Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions and financial aid. “This is an incoming group of students who’ve had experiences unlike any experiences first-year students have had in the history of Harvard or history of higher education.”

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  1. Michael says:

    This nothing more than ANOTHER MISLEADING REPORT from the implicitly racist institution called Harvard University. It appears the mendacious William R. Fitzsimmons has taken a page out of the infamous book titled “How to Lie with Statistics” (Huff, 1954) in reference to the actual number of “Native born Black Americans” students at Harvard. Misleading Fitzsimmons managed to include is the number of “African/Immigrants” students at Harvard with the the number of “Native born African American” student in order to give have a higher percentage which is reprehensible. The fact remains, Fitzsimmons need to seriously disaggregate that data which will easily show other wise.

    • Jim Thompson says:

      Michael, very interesting insight. Do you have any idea where we could get this breakout of US blacks v immigrant blacks?

  2. Ewart Archer says:

    Many if not most “immigrant” blacks are of Caribbean origin. They share a history of slavery and racial oppression with North American blacks.

    So the distinction should be drawn between blacks from North America and the Caribbean vs blacks from Mother Africa (whose antecedents may have been complicit in slavery).

    • Michael says:

      Hey ‘ewart” (lower case ‘e’ intentional),

      Do not ever try to compare what happened to people in the Caribbean and “native born Black Americans in the USA because it’s an utter Insult. ‘ewart’, I would suggest that you take your grievance back to the Caribbean and Europe.

      • Teresa Denton says:

        Michael. you have officially gone off the rails. The only difference between Caribbean and North American slavery is the fact that the slaves in the Caribbean were much more tenacious fighters AND more willing as a group, to use the terrain as a tool to beat or frustrate their captors. They were also less willing to depend on the largesse of abolitionists.

        • Michael says:

          Hey ‘teresa’ (lower case ‘t’ intentional),

          It’s quite evident you hail from one of those Third World Countries called the Caribbean. Your inaccurate comparative analysis between the Caribbean and “Native born Black Americans” is definitely flawed. You have the Chutzpah to talk about “tenacious fighters” in the Caribbean, yet, all of the Caribbean is nothing more that neocolonial outposts for the Western Powers and now the PRC (that’s the People’s Republic of China in case you didn’t know). Further, your misguided comment is a glaring example why “native born Black Americans do not partner with you. In my view, many of your ilk are nothing more than exploiters of this country. If your Third World country was so great why are you here in the USA. It’s time for you to go and make some curry goat soup, rice and peas, and a beef patty.

  3. Michael says:

    My insight is appropriately identified as Black Consciousness of the highest order. That said, one can very easily disaggregate all those who are “identified” as “Black American” (according to racist Harvard admissions personnel) and simply examine their surnames for starters. Or, if Harvard wanted to be intellectually honest and transparent they would make this data available for the public for robust analysis. Don’t hold your breath.

  4. MoJ says:


    Amazing stereotype thinking! Immigrants are responsible for all our woes. Whatever reasons brought you or your ancestors to “the land of the free” as long as you have that dark skin pigmentation you still face discrimation and the onorous task to prove your abilities.

    Havard, is opening up opportunities for “black folks” irrespective of your ancestoral antecedents, so why dwell on it? These kids are going to be leaders of America tomorrow and won’t it be better to encourage them to work together to fight the so called oppressors?

    Don’t promote division, only advocate positive enagagement amongst the different ethnic cultures in the black community. We will all end up better if we can achieve this.

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