Racists Stage a Vehicle Parade Through the Campus of Elon University in North Carolina

Members of Taking Back Alamance County, a neo-Confederate group, paraded through the campus of Elon University in North Carolina. The 200-vehicle parade also went through local towns neighboring campus.

Occupants of the vehicles were heard to yell “White Power!” as they passed through campus. The protestors also yelled “No they don’t” at onlookers who held Black Lives Matter signs.

Elon Univerity enrolls about 6,e00 undergraduate students and 800 graduate students, according to the most recent data supplied to the U.S. Department of Education. African Americans make up 5 percent of the undergraduate student body.


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  1. Audrey Battiste says:

    300 cars and no mention of campus security interfering, doesn’t make sense. Having 200 cars just riding through your campus, unattended sound like there was collusion with the administration. Why were 200 cars, shouting individuals, allowed on the campus?

  2. Dr. Carlos J. Minor says:

    It may not have been collusion but it was certainly reckless indifference. My time in the academy was marred by racism such as this. The Executive Vice President held the opinion that some people are raised to be racist and Black people should try and understand that. When does this end????

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