Hampton University Responds to Student Protests and Complaints

The Hampton University logo features the slogan “The Standard of Excellence.” But some students at the historically Black university in Virginia don’t think the university is living up to its motto.

In what one national publication called a “mutiny,” students held a town hall meeting and later protests on campus. A website – Hope for Hampton – was set up by students where they have voiced their concerns.

Some students believe that the university has not been proactive in addressing the issue of sexual assault on campus. Students also complained of unsanitary conditions in the university’s dining hall, mold in dormitories, bad lighting on campus, and emergency call stations that do not work.

In a statement to the campus community, William Harvey, who has been president of the university for the past 40 years, stated that in regard to sexual assault, “we will continue to foster an environment where students feel comfortable reporting incidents and understand that when incidents are reported, the investigation will proceed.”

The university hired an outside firm to address the mold issue and President Harvey said that “it is university policy that mold is to be eradicated upon detection and definitely wiped out immediately within 48 hours.” President Harvey also noted that “the cafeteria has had three health inspections since January 18, 2018. In all three instances, the cafeteria passed those inspections.” However, he formed a committee to address student concerns about food service.

President Harvey concluded by saying: “Moving forward, we will continue to address the issues raised on a regular and consistent basis until all have been resolved.”


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