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A Checkup on African American Students Entering U.S. Medical Schools

The Association of American Medical Colleges recently released new data on applicants and matriculants at U.S. medical schools for 2017.

In 2017, there were 51,680 students who applied to medical schools. This was down from 53,042 in 2016. Of the 51,680 applicants in 2017, 4,967, or 9.6 percent, identified themselves as Black or African American. The number of Blacks applying to medical school in 2016 was down slightly from a year ago. But the Black percentage of all applicants rose from 9.4 percent to 9.6 percent. Since 2014, the number of Blacks applying to medical school has increased by 24 percent.

This year, 21,338 students entered medical school for the first time. Of these, 1,775 identified themselves as Black or African American. Thus, Blacks made up 8.3 percent of new entrants to U.S. medical schools. This was down slightly from 2016, although the actual number of African American matriculants increased by four compared to 2016.

Just four years ago in 2013, there were just 1,396 Black who entered medical school. Therefore, over the four-year period, the number of new entrants to medical schools who identified as Black or African American increased by 27 percent. In 2013, Blacks were 7.0 percent of all new entrants to medical schools.

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  1. Barbara Ailts says:

    I know a black man that has two semesters left of Medixal School at the University of Minnesota. His finances are such that for him to be able to continue in school and graduate, he needs $60,000 to pay the needed tuition. His federal loans have reached a maximum level. He would make a phenomenal physician. He wants to work in an economically depressed area. He is a second generation Nigerian/American who came from a very disadvantaged back ground. Everyone who meets him is amazed at his positive level of energy and zest for life. Do you know anyone or any agency I can reach out to on his behalf that would help fund his senior year of medical school? It would be a true shame to lose such a fantastic, potential doctor at this juncture in his quest to help others.

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