New Study Finds Racial Segregation Is Firmly Established in the Nation’s Preschools

segregation_at_an_early_age_frankenberg_2016-copyA new report published by the Center for Education and Civil Rights at Pennsylvania State University in conjunction with the National Coalition of School Diversity, finds a high level of racial segregation at the preschool level in the United States.

The report finds that overall preschool education is highly diverse. About 40 percent of all preschoolers are White, 30 percent are Hispanic, and 20 percent are Black. But the 1,430,000 preschoolers remain highly segregated, according to the study. More than one fifth of all White preschoolers attend schools that are all White or nearly all White. A majority of Black and Hispanic students attend preschools where more than half of the students are from their own racial or ethnic group.

The report, Segregation at an Early Age, may be downloaded by clicking here. It was authored by Erica Frankenberg, an associate professor of education and demography at Penn State.


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  1. El Darden says:

    Being part of the Nephilim, or at least heavily influenced by those who are, many whites just can’t bear the thought of having their little “johnny” or “Susie” rubbing elbows with nonwhites. Since Heaven is unlikely to be segregated by race, I don’t know how they’ll survive.

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