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New Academic Year, Same Old Racism: Part II

No HateLast week, JBHE reported on a series of racial incidents that occurred on college campuses across the country Unfortunately, more incidents have occurred in recent days.

Racist posters were found hanging in several locations on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. One poster with a large STOP sign urged Euro-Americans to stop “living in fear” and “denying their heritage.” Another poster proclaimed that White women should not date Black men.

A group of Black students on the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia was verbally assaulted by a group of six or seven White students as they walked passed each other. One of the White students was heard to say, “Look at those niggers looking at us.” Police arrived on the scene a short time later and while conducting their investigation heard racial slurs shouted from a nearby fraternity house.

At a Black Lives Matter rally on the campus of East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, a White man appeared dressed in a gorilla mask. He attempted to give bunches of bananas that were wrapped in nooses to the Black Lives Matter activists. The White student was arrested and charged with civil rights intimidation. The student is no longer enrolled at the university.

A racially offensive video was recorded in a residence hall at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, and distributed on the internet. In the video, a woman appears in blackface wearing an Albright T-shirt. The woman calls herself “Carlisha,” and criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement. The college reports that “the two students most directly involved in the creation and distribution of the video that was widely shared on social media have been suspended pending further investigation.” Albright College President Lex O. McMillan III issued a statement that read in part: “I cannot stress strongly enough that Albright College will not tolerate such behavior by any member of the College community. We hope to use this as a learning opportunity to continue educating all members of the campus community and instilling among them the values of respect for and acceptance of all students, faculty members, and staff.” African Americans make up 17 percent of the undergraduate students at Albright College.

A White student a Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania wrote a post on Facebook that read in part, “There’s a lot of dark meat on campus this semester. Inner city garbage rolled in because the university wants to look ‘diverse.'” The student later issued a letter of apology. The university said that the White student was no longer enrolled but did not stipulate whether the student left on his own accord or was expelled.


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