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Harvard Looks to Take the Next Diversity Step: From Inclusion to Belonging

Harvard-logo_53In many cases, university efforts to increase racial diversity are focused on numbers. While the goal of increasing the number of Black students and faculty on the campuses of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities, it often does not go far enough.

Harvard University is taking the next step by forming the Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging. The task force will study and make recommendations on how to make Harvard a more welcoming place for all students from underrepresented groups.

dallenDanielle Allen, a professor of government and a professor of education and the director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard, is one of three co-chairs of the presidential task force.

Professor Allen stated that “achieving a sense of belonging for all members of the Harvard community is an important measure of whether people are thriving. Even our efforts to be inclusive — to recruit a diverse faculty, students, and staff — will be strengthened by greater success at ensuring thriving for all. When all feel that they belong, we will feel the benefit of the full application of their talents to our shared problems and questions.”

Professor Allen is a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University where she majored in the classics. She holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in the classics from Cambridge University. In addition, she has a master’s degree and Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University.


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  1. Julie D says:

    If someone is drowning or dying, would they care about who or how they are revived or brought to safety? If your school President wishes to resolve this issue (I admit it is difficult – then those who benefit from gifted & exceptionally talented enrollment of “underserved- I detest this word” must become the champion for change. Teaching the Africana American story must be a mandatory class at all schools thru Universities for students and faculty. Perpetuating disenfranchisement of the underserved is the fastest growing industry in the USA.
    To my Served friends, stop telling me stories about how smart your fellow African American friend, classmate or professor are but you don’t know why they are overlooked or never promoted. Help us do something to fix it. These communities are trying to feed & shelter their families with the resources you use to send your children to Private Prep Schools and $20,000 daycare Academies.
    Its time to ACT. Instead of ensuring thriving work on leveling the playing field with resources & expectations of Success for all.
    Visit the Caribbean, Africa & India. With all the limitations “Teachers” have high expectations for all students and they rise & thrive with Excellence. An AP course is high school standard not College Level. I was taught if you can READ you can do MATH & SCIENCE. It can be done.

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