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North Carolina A&T State University Scholars Develop New Asphalt Product

ncatsuPig farmers around the world have to deal with 43 billion gallons of pig manure each year. Scientists at historically Black North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro have come up with a new process that could produce a valuable product and provide a viable solution to the excrement problem.

A team of researchers led by Elham H. Fini, an associate professor in the College of Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University, have discovered a way to extract oil found in pig waste. They can use this oil and mix it with rock to produce a new type of asphalt that can be used as highway pavement. Their product is called Bio-Adhesive.

The new product is so efficient that nearly nothing goes to waste. During processing, the foul, off-putting aroma is filtered out, and even the by-products of the bio-adhesive can be used by farmers as fertilizer. The oil can be produced with a cost of 56 cents per gallon.

“Cost wise its profitable,” said Dr. Fini. “Our vision is to help the farmer and help the construction industry; both sides. We see a win/win solution.”


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