Brown University’s New Visiting Faculty Program Aims to Boost Diversity

brownBrown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has launched a new visiting professors program aimed at increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of the people who are instructing the university’s students. Under the Provost’s Visiting Professors program, scholars from underrepresented groups will spend between one and four semesters on the Brown campus.

Richard M. Locke, provost at Brown, explained that “this program will help Brown build a critical mass of diverse faculty and scholars. It will also reinforce the university’s commitment to cultivating an open and rigorous academic community and potentially serve as a powerful recruitment tool.”

Christopher Rose, associate dean of the faculty for special initiatives added that “what makes this program so attractive is that visiting scholars will not only become part of the Brown community for a time, but also participate in a coordinated effort to increase the numbers of historically underrepresented scholars and students at Brown.”


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  1. Danielle says:

    It’s a sad moment in time when a university such as Brown is seeking help from people of color to boost their reputation and also not be seen as racist. It is more degrading when they add the key phrase “for a time”. Are the people of this university so shallow that educators and students from other ethnicity not see what is going on with their proposal? What Brown should ask themselves are why haven’t they had an inclusion cast of professors in the past? The richness that comes from such diversity is unparalleled. Personally, I would rather go to a university where the school is rich in professors and students from all backgrounds. This serve to understand and learn from each other as a nation. If that is not furthering your education is all about I don’t think a university like Brown has gotten it. It’s ashamed that they call themselves elite. An elite is when you have surpass those from all over the world. If you stay in a bubble, how do you know how good you are? If you branch out you will find out how really good you are? Where does Brown fit in? I will tell you where: It is known for its rich tradition, (a tradition of racism). It’s 252 years old and still have not gotten it right. I’m not surprised they are looking to boost diversity. Frankly, their reputation does proceed them. They need changes to happen at the top or else all Brown is, is smoke and mirrors. I’ve met some of their graduates!

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