Racial Differences in Parenting Behavior and Concerns

pew-thumbA new survey by the Pew Research Center examines racial differences in attitudes about parenting. Here are some of highlight of the report in regard to racial differences.

  • The survey found that 32 percent of Black parents say they sometimes spank their children for disciplinary purposes. Only 14 percent of White parents admitted to spanking their children. Only 31 percent of Black parents said they never resort to spanking, compared to 55 percent of White parents.
  • Three quarters of all Black parents say a parent can never be too involved in their children’s education. Only 47 percent of White parents agree.
  • Some 40 percent of White parents say they are worried their children will have problems with drugs or alcohol. Only 23 percent of Black parents have similar concerns.
  • But 39 percent of Black parents worry that their children will be victims or violence compared to 22 percent of White parents.

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