Increase in African American Applicants to the University of California

The University of California System has released data on applicants from California for places in its Class of 2020 that will be entering this fall. The system received applications from 105,341 California residents. This is up 2.3 percent from a year ago. Many of the 105,341 applicants applied to two or more of the system’s undergraduate campuses.

This year, 6,589 African Americans applied to one or more University of California undergraduate campuses. They make up 6.3 percent of all students who applied for places at the university. In 2015, African Americans were 6.1 percent of all applicants. Two years ago, Blacks were 5.9 percent of the applicant pool.

At the system’s flagship campus at Berkeley, there are 2,783 African American applicants from California. They make up 6.1 percent of all California applicants to Berkeley. This is up from 5.8 percent a year ago.

At the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles campus, there are 3,698 African American applicants from California, making up 6.3 percent of the in-state applicant pool. This is up from 6.1 percent a year ago and 5.8 percent two years ago.

Blacks make up 7.1 percent of the in-state applicant pool at the Riverside campus, the most of any of the system’s nine undergraduate campuses. The lowest percentage is at the San Diego and Irvine campuses, where 5.2 percent of all applicants from California are Black.

The percentage of African Americans in the in-state applicant pool is up at seven of the nine undergraduate campuses. There was a slight decline at the Merced and Santa Barbara campuses.


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