Legislative Subcommittee Votes to Close South Carolina State University for Two Years

scsu copyA subcommittee of the South Carolina House of Representatives has approved a plan that calls for closing historically Black South Carolina State University in Orangeburg for two years. The lawmakers have been frustrated by continuing budget deficits at the university.

Under the plan, all of administrators, trustees, faculty, and staff would be let go. Students with grade point averages of 2.5 or better would receive scholarships from the state for use at other publicly operated educational institutions in the state.

Under the plan, the university would hold classes again in the fall of 2017.

The plan to close the university would have to be passed by both houses of the state legislature and would need Governor Nikki Haley’s support.

PresidentThomasElzeyIn a news conference held after the vote, South Carolina State University President Thomas Elzey said, ““I want to make one thing clear: South Carolina State University will not close.” However, he acknowledged that the vote would cause harm because it will make it harder for the university to attract students or raise money.

In addition to organizing a grassroots campaign to lobby legislators, an alumni group has threatened a lawsuit if the legislative plan moves forward.


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  1. Michael says:

    For the SC Legislative Black Caucus members who called for the resignation of South Carolina State University President, Dr. Elzey, you should be dutifully ashamed for your legislative malfeasance. It is my hope that you expend more energy confronting the racist White legislative members from the “Ways and Means Committee” who had the Chutzpah to even consider such a bill. Further, I totally wholeheartedly disagree with your very subjective characterization of SCSU President as ineffective.

    In my humble opinion, I would venture in saying that the majority of the SC Legislative Black Caucus is ineffective on numerous levels. For example, you would never find SC legislative White members writing any legislative bills with the sole purpose of closing Clemson University, SC Upstate, or the University of South Carolina. In fact, you should be embarrassed of your dereliction of legislative duty for not consistently acting in the best interest of the Black people in South Carolina.

  2. fhsmct says:

    S.C. State University deserves better treatment from board, state leaders


  3. Michael says:

    For those claim they’re concerned about the overall plight of South Carolina State University (SCSU), I would suggest that you contact the SC Legislature “Ways and Means” Committee members to voice your displeasure of their political and fiscal disparate treatment of SCSU. Listed below, you’ll find a list of the “Ways and Means” Committee members” to contact via electronically, phone, or fax.. Let’s be legislatively proactive.

    House Ways and Means Committee

    W. Brian White, Chairman
    Michael A. Pitts, 2nd V.C.
    Michael A. “Mike” Anthony
    Kenneth A. “Kenny” Bingham
    Gilda Cobb-Hunter
    Shannon S. Erickson
    Jackie E. “Coach” Hayes
    Lonnie Hosey
    Dwight A. Loftis
    James H. Merrill
    J. Gary Simrill
    Garry R. Smith
    William R. “Bill” Whitmire

    Harry B. “Chip” Limehouse, III, 1st V.C.
    William “Bill” Clyburn, 3rd V.C.
    Jimmy C. Bales
    Alan D. Clemmons
    J. Derham Cole, Jr.
    Nelson L. Hardwick
    William G. “Bill” Herbkersman
    Chip Huggins
    Phillip D. Lowe
    Joseph H. “Joe” Neal
    G. Murrell Smith, Jr.
    Leonidas E. “Leon” Stavrinakis

    Source: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/committeeinfo/housewaysandmeans.php

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