University of Cincinnati Aims to Increase the Diversity of Its Faculty

UCLogoThe University of Cincinnati has had success in its Strategic Hiring Initiatives which seek to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities on its faculty. Among the initiatives are the Dual Career Assistance Program, which provides both financial and personnel resources to assist spouses and partners of newly hired tenured and tenure-eligible faculty successfully transition to the Cincinnati community.

In addition to the Dual Career Assistance Program, the university has also made a significant effort to attract women and underrepresented minorities to faculty positions in STEM disciplines. The provost’s office has allocated $1,170,000 to the faculty diversification effort during the current fiscal year. And the Office of the President has allocated $800,000 over the next three years for the effort.

martinThe University of Cincinnati reports that these efforts have been paying off. Some 22 new faculty members have been hired under the new initiatives. Over the past year the number of women and underrepresented faculty in STEM fields has tripled, according to Robin Martin, associate provost for special initiatives.

“The success of the program is only the beginning in the University of Cincinnati’s journey to attract and retain top talent,” Dr. Martin said. “By increasing the diversity of our faculty, we enhance both the academy and the student experience.”

Dr. Martin joined the staff at the University of Cincinnati in 2007. Previously, she served as director of athletics at Holy Names University in Oakland, California, and Dillard University in New Orleans. Dr. Martin holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of New Orleans. She earned a doctorate in urban educational leadership at the University of Cincinnati.


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  1. Derel says:

    Shouldn’t folks try to decide WHY an URBAN school in a CITY that is 48% Black…has a 7% black enrollment? And why a Black dean was run out of office by ugly things 2 years ago.

    UC is a cesspool related to diversity

  2. Michael says:

    It’s quite obvious the University of Cincinnati (UC)does not truly believe in significantly increasing the number of Black Americans within its faculty ranks. If so, this would have already occurred before this so-called “Strategic Hiring Initiative”. In fact, I would venture in saying this very questionable initiative is probably due to some prior legal settlement. Further, UC will increase its number in “non-White faculty” under the guise of the reprehensible term called “minority”. For the multiculturalists out there, Black Americans are not any “minority” when viewed from a geopolitical lens and not the USA and the Western elites definition. However, UC will definitely increase its numbers of Asians, Latino, and even foreign faculty members.

    It’s utterly amazing that the UC football and basketball team is comprised of an overwhelmingly majority of Black Americans. Yet, UC administrators’ and department heads will not expend similar time and money in recruiting and retaining Black American faculty members. Lets be honest, this type of higher education colonialism is not only at UC, but, the majority of HWCUs(Historically White Colleges and Universities) in 2014. In other words, has the society really move forward in a substantive way or more along the line of symbolic progress?

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