The Stubborn Racial Gap in SAT Scores

collegeboard-thumbThe College Board has released its annual report on the SAT scores of graduating high school seniors in the Class of 2014. The data shows that the average score for Blacks on the reading section of the test was 431. This was significantly below the average score for Whites which stood at 529. The SAT is scored on a scale of 200 to 800 points.

On the mathematics portion of the test, a slightly larger racial gap exists. Blacks had an average score of 429, compared to an average score for Whites of 534.

On the writing section of the test, Blacks had an average score of 418. Whites scored an average of 513.

The average combined score for Blacks of 1278 is 298 points below the average combined score for Whites. Since 2006 when the SAT test was revised, the racial scoring gap on the combined SAT has increased by seven points.


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  1. John Hudgins says:

    This is probably consistent with the not so obvious intent of the SAT/College Board. Under the old SAT Blacks had begun to close the gap. With the new SAT , Viola, the gap is now increasing. The SAT has always been geared toward identifying white male characteristics, so it contiunues. Disgusting, but not surprising.

    • David Matthews says:

      I have two black male sons. The real problem is black kids , on average do NOT study as often as some other groups . My boys are smart and I have ingrained in them from kindergarten that they must have quiet , no interruptions study time .I have preached to both of them that one hour studying in a quiet library is worth two hours studying at home or in a dorm room .Asians should be our benchmark , not whites . You can do well on any test if you study hard enough . I still go to the library myself as I work in the pharmaceutical industry and have regular knowledge tests . Kids must also see their parents reading and even studying to take what you say seriously. There is a town next to mine with a large Asian population and if you visit that library in the middle of summer you would think school is still in session ! Asian kids study ! I tell my boys that whites nor Asians are no more smarter than black kids but on average they come from two parent homes and they study more . We can close this SAT gap !!!!!!

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