University of Rhode Island Graduate Wants to Restock the Libraries of His Native Liberia

logan1Emmanuel Logan, a native of Liberia, is a 33-year-old alumnus of the University of Rhode Island. When civil war broke out in Liberia in 1989, his mother was arrested and murdered. Logan fled to the Ivory Coast and eventually found his way to Rhode Island to live with relatives. He found a job and enrolled in the continuing education program at the University of Rhode Island, earning his bachelor’s degree in 2013.

He also founded a nonprofit group that hopes to help his homeland restore its education system. He has collected more than 9,000 used textbooks. They are in a storage locker as Logan seeks to raise the money to ship the books to Liberia. He is also collecting school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, and binders. He is raising money to ship books and supplies to Liberia by selling T-shirts online.

“Our main goal is to rebuild the libraries in Liberia,’’ said Logan. “What could be more important than knowledge? The best thing we can do for young people in Liberia is to educate them. Education opens any door.’’


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  1. If you look on my website I have 32 books I have authored on Black History. If you pay for shipping I will donate the books

  2. Mrs. Davis says:

    Initially, this may be good; however, I’ve read that over the long-term, this hurts the local economy. Why would anyone go to a local bookseller and buy a book if all the books are being sent in free from America.

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