Racist Prank at the University of Chicago

500px-University_of_Chicago_Modern_Etched_Seal_1.svgAn African American mail carrier was asked to bring 79 packaging boxes to “Reggin Toggaf” at a fraternity at the University of Chicago. The carrier made six or seven trips up the stairs to the fraternity carrying the boxes. After making the deliveries, one of the frat members told him it was a practical joke and another suggested that he read the name backwards. When spelled backwards, the intended recipient was “Faggot Nigger.”

The fraternity said it was the victim of a prank played on it by another fraternity. The University of Chicago investigated the incident along with Chicago city police. There was no evidence that members of the fraternity where the prank took place had anything to do with incident.

The university issued a statement, which read in part, “The University of Chicago considers this a grave and deplorable incident that offends our community’s core values. The U.S. Postal carrier in this case was the victim of a hateful act. Whether or not one of our students was responsible, we will raise awareness in our community that this sort of disrespect goes against everything we stand for.”


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  1. Rochelle Tinsley says:

    Ignorance does not stop at high school graduation. It becomes a part of the herd mentality to ‘go along to get a long’ when these folks enter the university.

  2. Ignorance breeds ignorance…

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