African Americans Fare Well in Admissions at Harvard University and Williams College

yesMany of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities recently mailed out acceptance letters to applicants for the Class of 2018. Some of the more selective institutions accepted only between 5 and 10 percent of all students who applied.

A few of these selective institutions offered data on the number of Black or African American students who were accepted for admission. Harvard University accepted 2,023 students from its pool of 34,295 applicants for the Class of 2018. Of the accepted students, 11.9 percent are African Americans, a record for the university. Harvard typically receives a Black student yield of about 70 percent. Therefore, we can estimate that there will be about 165-170 Black students in this fall’s entering class.

At Williams College, the top-rated liberal arts college in Williamstown, Massachusetts, 165 African American students were accepted for admission. They make up a whopping 14.3 percent of all accepted students. Half of all admitted students at Williams are Black, Latino, Asian, or American Indian.


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