Record African American Enrollments at the University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky reports the largest first-year class in the university’s history.

There are 533 African-American first-year students at the University of Kentucky this fall. This is a 26 percent increase from a year ago. Black students now make up 11 percent of first-year class. There are a total of 1,839 African American undergraduates students at the university, an 11 percent increase from last year.

The university’s performance in increasing racial diversity to a point where Africans are 11 percent of the incoming class, is all the more remarkable considering the fact that Blacks make up only 8 percent of the population in Kentucky.


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  1. Congratulations University of Kentucky on your recent accomplishment. Institutional success is often measured on several broader vector points – type of recruitment strategy, rate of increase over the past 10 years,transfer and retention rates, GPA’s, grants and scholarships offered, transfer and graduation rates, and the % rates of those attaining employment and/or going to graduate school upon graduation.

    Would appreciate your providing us with a fuller, multi-dimensional profile of your track record of success with African-American students!

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