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Pennsylvania Western University — Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

The Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer provides leadership, oversight, and strategic vision for policies and initiatives intended to provide a holistic vision of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) for students, faculty, and staff across Pennsylvania Western University’s three campuses.

The CDIO will establish a collaborative organizational model that helps PennWest build the capacity to achieve the DEIB goals identified through a university strategic plan. This includes developing and implementing assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of existing programs and services designed to advance DEIB at PennWest, and developing appropriate analyses and reports to allow ongoing evaluation, with the goal of identifying and implementing best practices across each campus.

The CDIO will manage a portfolio of existing programs and services and oversee and/or strengthen and coordinate linkages between the DEIB Office and others across campus, so that functions such as communications, data analysis, fundraising, and legislative/policy analysis are leveraged to meet the university’s equity, diversity, and inclusion goals.

The CDIO collaborates with university partners to recruit, support, and retain students, faculty, and staff who reflect the diversity of Pennsylvania. This individual works to expand external engagement opportunities that establish PennWest as a valued leader and partner for inclusive excellence locally, regionally, within Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, and beyond.

The CDIO maintains a visible profile both at PennWest and in surrounding communities, engaging with students, faculty, alumni, staff, and external stakeholders. The CDIO identifies and articulates best practices, emerging issues, trends, policies, and procedures in DEIB; and contributes to the professional development of the division’s staff, university colleagues, and others in the field.

This position requires 30% travel to each campus.

Strategy and Vision:

  • Provide vision, leadership and direction to guide and coordinate PennWest’s DEIB efforts.
  • Work collaboratively with university faculty, staff, and administrators to achieve organizational goals.
  • Continuously review DEIB efforts to ensure that all initiatives are directly and meaningfully aligned with PennWest’s mission statement, policies, and strategic plan.
  • Collaborate with division leaders to recruit and retain faculty, staff, and students.

Assessment and Programming:

  • Provide vision, leadership, and coordination for university-wide DEIB assessment and programming initiatives, strengthening them as needed.
  • Establish and maintain a university-wide culture of data-driven DEIB assessment and evaluation; identify metrics and create systems for tracking and evaluating progress toward institutional diversity and inclusion goals.
  • In collaboration with Institutional Effectiveness, develop processes and systems to compile, measure, assess, and forecast DEIB-related data that can be used to leverage and build on our existing strengths and resources.
  • Develop broadly inclusive planning processes that bring together individuals and groups from a wide range of constituencies for candid and productive dialogue on questions of climate, race and ethnicity, gender, ability, identity, and other relevant issues.
  • Bring together the current array of DEIB-related programs and activities to meet the needs of multiple constituencies at all three PennWest campuses. Support existing programs and develop new initiatives related to faculty hiring practices, support for students from underrepresented backgrounds, resources for individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, and more.
  • Ensure the scaling of DEIB efforts with the potential for high impact across our three campuses, e.g., the Frederick Douglass Institute’s Pre-Doctoral Scholar program, the Building Bridges intergroup dialogue program, Safe Zone training, and the Search Advocacy search committee training program.
  • Ensure the success of student organizations members of underrepresented and underserved communities, such as the Black Student Union Association (BSU), International Club, Identity, Latino Student Organization, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and historically Black fraternities and sororities.
  • Offer administrative leadership, input, and support for the Frederick Douglass initiative by providing funds for programs, developing a charge statement and implementation plans, and setting measurable expectations for the program and its work at PennWest.


  • Develop and oversee annual budgets to support DEIB operations and initiatives. Identify and secure external funding through private, local, state, and federal sources to support DEIB initiatives.
  • Following the university’s budget process, manage the division’s operating budget to ensure mission-driven, evidenced-based fiscal decisions.
  • Provide expertise, financial assistance, and human resources so the community can host educational programs, celebratory events, and cultural activities that position PennWest as a safe, welcoming, and inclusive campus where students, faculty, and staff know they belong.
  • Supervise and coach professional and administrative staff in the DEIB Office to ensure strategic priorities and goals are achieved.

Equity and Title IX:

  • Provide administrative leadership for the university’s Title IX efforts; develop, implement, and monitor disclosures, policies, procedures, and practices to ensure compliance with federal and state legislation, regulations, and case law requiring the prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints pursuant to civil rights legislation.
  • Partner with Human Resources and University Affairs to infuse cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies into talent management processes, e.g., recruitment, onboarding, performance management, programming/training, talent retention strategies, etc.
  • Work across divisions/departments to increase the number of students, faculty, staff, and administrators from a range of underrepresented groups and ensure they have the resources and support needed to thrive in their studies and/or work on campus.
  • Collaboratively develop strategies for addressing recruitment challenges that impact campus diversity; implement policies and practices that support the recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Ensure equitable faculty, staff, and administrative searches; collaborate with campus partners to develop practices and processes tailored to each area’s needs while also adhering to federal guidelines and institutional best practices.
  • Partner with presidential commissions, programs, and offices to ensure that DEIB work and organizational structure are aligned to maximize impact and facilitate the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty and staff.

Collaboration and Outreach:

  • Maintain existing relationships and build new ones within the communities that surround PennWest’s three campuses; work with leaders in local government, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local schools to sustain existing relationships and to seek further opportunities for mutual benefit.
  • Participate in external business and cultural activities and events consistent with the mission and goals of PennWest and the DEIB Office.
  • Participate in conferences, task forces, and professional affiliations to strengthen DEIB solutions, perceptions, and influence within our organization and with external audiences.
  • Enhance PennWest’s reputation as a diversity leader by applying for various external awards and/or completing external surveys focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Identify presentation opportunities to highlight PennWest’s DEIB initiatives and activities.
  • Serve as the DEIB liaison to Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.

Minimum Qualifications Include:

  • Master’s degree in relevant field.
  • At least 5 years of demonstrated evidence of leading diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in a higher education environment.
  • Effective written, interpersonal and collaborative communication skills.
  • Demonstrated success in identifying and implementing best practices of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and an excellent command of modern diversity and inclusion standards, concepts, best practices.
  • Demonstrated experience creating and maintaining strategic relationships with diverse groups of stakeholders including but not limited to students, faculty, staff, community leaders, and local, state, regional and national organizations focused on DEI excellence.
  • Demonstrated track record in DEI programmatic and training development, implementation and assessment.

Preferred Qualifications Include:

  • Doctoral Degree.
  • Ten years of progressive responsible leadership experience in administration and diversity, equity, and inclusion work.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with underrepresented populations, bridge differences through dialogue, and promote cultural competence.
  • Experience with budget and personnel management, strategic planning, and program
  • Experience in the areas of Title IX, ADA, and Equality Opportunity and Access.
  • Proven analytical skills and ability to provide oversight for assessments related to campus climate, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

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