University of Oregon — Director of Physical Security

Director of Physical Security

Director of Physical Security

Job no: 531276
Work type: Officer of Administration
Location: Eugene, OR
Categories: Police
Department:Police Department

Department: University of Oregon Police Department
Appointment Type and Duration: Regular, Ongoing
Salary: $109,000 – $120,000/year
Compensation Band: OS-OA10-Fiscal Year 2022-2023
FTE: 1.0
Application Review Begins

March 17, 2023; open until filled
Special Instructions to Applicants

Review of applications will begin March 17, 2023, and continue until the position is filled. To apply for this position please click here, click on the Apply button, complete the brief application process, and upload your resume and position-specific cover letter. Nominations for this position may be emailed to J. Scott Derrick at Applicants needing reasonable accommodation to participate in the application process should contact Spelman Johnson at 413-529-2895 or email
Department Summary

Nestled in the lush Willamette Valley, within an easy drive to the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, the University of Oregon (UO) is renowned for its research prowess and commitment to teaching. Founded in 1876, UO enrolls 23,202 students from all fifty states and 94 countries. Designated as a Tier 1 national public research university comprised of nine schools and colleges offering more than 300 undergraduate programs, the University of Oregon is one of just two institutions in the Pacific Northwest selected for membership in the prestigious Association of American Universities. US News & World Report ranks the UO among its top 100 National Universities and Oregon's #1 public university.

The University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD), part of the Division of Safety and Risk Services (SRS), is a community-oriented, trust-based policing agency. UOPD plays an integral role in the University community by providing a safe, secure, and welcoming environment, with a mission to foster a climate that encourages a free, open, and civil exchange of ideas in support of the educational, research, and public service goals of the institution. UOPD recognizes and promotes the value of multiculturalism and inclusiveness consistent with a spirit of responsible citizenship within an international community.
Position Summary

Reporting to the Chief of Police and serving as an integral part of the UOPD leadership team, the Director of Physical Security provides strategic and operational leadership to the Office of Physical Security and oversees the comprehensive physical security policies, design standards, and plans for all locations owned and operated by the University. The Director administers the daily operations and fosters the further development and evolution of a risk-based campus security program; establishes work standards and operational strategies; and plans and implements the staffing and scheduling of events for the department's Community Service Officers. The Director manages the protection of critical infrastructure, facilities, intellectual property, physical assets, and the research enterprise; works closely with the academic, research, housing, administration, and athletic communities to mitigate their exposure to security risks; and collaborates with the SRS units (Environmental Health and Safety, Emergency Management & Continuity, Risk Management & Insurance) and other campus partners in developing integrated campus security strategies.

The Director of Physical Security supervises, evaluates, directs, and provides professional development opportunities for a professional staff of 23 and oversees an annual budget of approximately $3 million.
Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree, or equivalent combination of education, training and experience in law enforcement, campus-based security (e.g., higher education, corporate, medical) and/or higher education facilities.
  • Five years of progressive related security experience or law enforcement equal in scope to the requirements and duties of the position.
  • Five years of supervisory experience within a law enforcement or security setting.


  • Adult CPR with First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) certification required within 60-days of employment.
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification or similar security certification highly desirable, but not required at the time of employment.
  • Must obtain CPP within 48-months of employment.
    Professional Competencies
  • Consistently demonstrate a high degree of personal integrity and emotional maturity and ethics.
  • Proven ability to effectively, continuously and discretely work with confidential and potentially sensitive information.
  • Commitment to diversity and to working with persons from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Strong coalition-building skills capable of developing collaborative relationships with diverse external and internal cohorts.
  • Strong communication skills both verbally and in writing, effectively presenting ideas and providing plans and procedures in a clear and concise manner to internal customers, team members and senior leadership.
    Preferred Qualifications
  • Master's degree
  • NCS4 Certified Sport Security Professional
  • ASIS Certified Protection Professional
  • Seven (7) years of related security experience or law enforcement equal in scope to the requirements and duties of this position.
  • Seven (7) years of supervisory experience within a security or law enforcement setting. This may include experience with hiring practices, providing performance appraisals and managing schedules.
  • Experience in developing and implementing a risk-based security program.
  • Experience in applying best practices for safety and security programs, particularly those outlined in the ASIS Chief Security Officer guidelines.
  • Experience leading a results-focused team of security personnel.
  • Experience in administering and financial management of enterprise-wide physical security systems including, but not limited to: access control, video surveillance, alarms systems and panic buttons.
  • Experience in directing facilities security personnel and programming preferably in an academic setting that included large athletic venues, museums, libraries and research units.
  • Experience in developing and implementing strategic initiatives, both forward looking and in response to emerging trends.

    FLSA Exempt: Yes

    All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of a background inquiry.

    University of Oregon students and employees are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. For additional information see:

    The University of Oregon is proud to offer a robust benefits package to eligible employees, including health insurance, retirement plans and paid time off. For more information about benefits, visit

    The University of Oregon is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the ADA. The University encourages all qualified individuals to apply, and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected status, including veteran and disability status. The University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees with disabilities. To request an accommodation in connection with the application process, please contact us at or 541-346-5112.

    UO prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in all programs, activities and employment practices as required by Title IX, other applicable laws, and policies. Retaliation is prohibited by UO policy. Questions may be referred to the Title IX Coordinator, Office of Civil Rights Compliance, or to the Office for Civil Rights. Contact information, related policies, and complaint procedures are listed on the statement of non-discrimination.

    In compliance with federal law, the University of Oregon prepares an annual report on campus security and fire safety programs and services. The Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report is available online at


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Relations</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Anna Maria College — Vice President for Academic Affairs</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Brown University — Director, Prospect Research</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Senior Associate Dean & Director, Office of Graduate Education</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Southern Methodist University — Administrative Assistant 2 – Residence Life and Student Housing (RES00000064)</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for International Studies — Director of Research and Principal Research Scientist</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">University of California, Riverside — Associate Chancellor</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Northwestern University — Digital Publishing and Repository Librarian</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Brown University — Graduate Program Coordinator</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Brown University — Administrative Coordinator</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Brown University — Assistant Coach, Club Golf</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Brown University — Grants and Financial Coordinator / Specialist</a></div></li><li class='cat-post-item'><div><a class="cat-post-title" href="" rel="bookmark">Brown University — Institutional Equity Investigator</a></div></li><li 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<option value="">July 22, 2010</option> <option value="">July 15, 2010</option> <option value="">July 8, 2010</option> <option value="">July 1, 2010</option> <option value="">June 24, 2010</option> <option value="">June 17, 2010</option> <option value="">June 10, 2010</option> <option value="">June 3, 2010</option> <option value="">May 27, 2010</option> <option value="">May 20, 2010</option> <option value="">May 13, 2010</option> <option value="">May 6, 2010</option> <option value="">April 29, 2010</option> <option value="">April 22, 2010</option> <option value="">April 15, 2010</option> <option value="">April 8, 2010</option> <option value="">April 1, 2010</option> <option value="">March 25, 2010</option> <option value="">March 18, 2010</option> <option value="">March 11, 2010</option> <option value="">March 4, 2010</option> <option value="">February 18, 2010</option> <option value="">February 18, 2010</option> <option value="">February 11, 2010</option> <option value="">February 4, 2010</option> <option value="">January 28, 2010</option> <option value="">January 21, 2010</option> <option value="">January 14, 2010</option> <option value="">January 7, 2010</option> <option value="">December 31, 2009</option> <option value="">December 24, 2009</option> <option value="">December 17, 2009</option> <option value="">December 10, 2009</option> <option value="">December 3, 2009</option> <option value="">November 26, 2009</option> <option value="">November 19, 2009</option> <option value="">November 12, 2009</option> <option value="">November 5, 2009</option> <option value="">October 29, 2009</option> <option value="">October 22, 2009</option> <option value="">October 15, 2009</option> <option value="">October 8, 2009</option> <option value="">October 1, 2009</option> <option value="">September 24, 2009</option> <option value="">September 17, 2009</option> <option value="">September 10, 2009</option> <option value="">September 3, 2009</option> <option value="">August 27, 2009</option> <option value="">August 20, 2009</option> <option value="">August 13, 2009</option> <option value="">August 6, 2009</option> <option value="">July 30, 2009</option> <option value="">July 23, 2009</option> <option value="">July 16, 2009</option> <option value="">July 9, 2009</option> <option value="">July 2, 2009</option> <option value="">June 25, 2009</option> <option value="">June 18, 2009</option> <option value="">June 11, 2009</option> <option value="">June 4, 2009</option> <option value="">May 28, 2009</option> <option value="">May 21, 2009</option> <option value="">May 14, 2009</option> <option value="">May 7, 2009</option> <option value="">April 30, 2009</option> <option value="">April 23, 2009</option> <option value="">April 16, 2009</option> <option value="">April 9, 2009</option> <option value="">April 2, 2009</option> <option value="">March 26, 2009</option> <option value="">March 19, 2009</option> <option value="">March 12, 2009</option> <option value="">March 5, 2009</option> <option value="">February 26, 2009</option> <option value="">February 19, 2009</option> <option value="">February 12, 2009</option> <option value="">February 5, 2009</option> <option value="">January 29, 2009</option> <option value="">January 22, 2009</option> <option value="">January 15, 2009</option> <option value="">January 8, 2009</option> <option value="">January 1, 2009</option> <option value="">December 23, 2008</option> <option value="">December 18, 2008</option> <option value="">December 11, 2008</option> <option value="">December 4, 2008</option> <option value="">November 26, 2008</option> <option value="">November 20, 2008</option> <option value="">November 13, 2008</option> <option value="">November 6, 2008</option> <option value="">October 30, 2008</option> <option value="">October 23, 2008</option> <option value="">October 16, 2008</option> <option value="">October 9, 2008</option> <option value="">October 2, 2008</option> <option value="">September 25, 2008</option> <option value="">September 18, 2008</option> <option value="">September 11, 2008</option> <option value="">September 4, 2008</option> <option value="">August 28, 2008</option> <option value="">August 21, 2008</option> <option value="">August 14, 2008</option> <option value="">August 7, 2008</option> <option value="">July 31, 2008</option> <option value="">July 24, 2008</option> <option value="">July 17, 2008</option> <option value="">July 10, 2008</option> <option value="">July 3, 2008</option> <option value="">June 26, 2008</option> <option value="">June 19, 2008</option> <option value="">June 12, 2008</option> <option value="">June 5, 2008</option> <option value="">May 29, 2008</option> <option value="">May 22, 2008</option> <option value="">May 15, 2008</option> <option value="">May 8, 2008</option> <option value="">May 1, 2008</option> <option value="">April 24, 2008</option> <option value="">April 17, 2008</option> <option value="">April 10, 2008</option> <option value="">April 3, 2008</option> <option value="">March 27, 2008</option> <option value="">March 20, 2008</option> <option value="">March 13, 2008</option> <option value="">March 6, 2008</option> <option value="">February 28, 2008</option> <option value="">February 21, 2008</option> <option value="">February 14, 2008</option> <option value="">February 7, 2008</option> <option value="">January 31, 2008</option> <option value="">January 24, 2008</option> <option value="">January 17, 2008</option> <option value="">January 10, 2008</option> <option value="">January 3, 2008</option> <option value="">December 27, 2007</option> <option value="">December 20, 2007</option> <option value="">December 13, 2007</option> <option value="">December 6, 2007</option> <option value="">November 29, 2007</option> <option value="">November 22, 2007</option> <option value="">November 15, 2007</option> <option value="">November 8, 2007</option> <option value="">November 1, 2007</option> <option value="">October 25, 2007</option> <option value="">October 18, 2007</option> <option value="">October 11, 2007</option> <option value="">October 4, 2007</option> <option value="">September 27, 2007</option> <option value="">September 20, 2007</option> <option value="">September 13, 2007</option> <option value="">September 6, 2007</option> <option value="">August 30, 2007</option> <option value="">August 23, 2007</option> <option value="">August 16, 2007</option> <option value="">August 9, 2007</option> <option value="">August 2, 2007</option> <option value="">July 26, 2007</option> <option value="">July 19, 2007</option> <option value="">July 12, 2007</option> <option value="">July 5, 2007</option> <option value="">June 28, 2007</option> <option value="">June 21, 2007</option> <option value="">June 14, 2007</option> <option value="">June 7, 2007</option> <option value="">May 31, 2007</option> <option value="">May 24, 2007</option> <option value="">May 17, 2007</option> <option value="">May 10, 2007</option> <option value="">May 3, 2007</option> <option value="">April 26, 2007</option> <option value="">April 19, 2007</option> <option value="">April 12, 2007</option> <option value="">April 5, 2007</option> <option value="">March 29, 2007</option> <option value="">March 22, 2007</option> <option value="">March 15, 2007</option> <option value="">March 8, 2007</option> <option value="">March 1, 2007</option> <option value="">February 22, 2007</option> <option value="">February 15, 2007</option> <option value="">February 8, 2007</option> <option value="">February 1, 2007</option> <option value="">January 25, 2007</option> <option value="">January 18, 2007</option> <option value="">January 11, 2007</option> <option value="">January 4, 2007</option> <option value="">December 28, 2006</option> <option value="">December 21, 2006</option> <option value="">December 14, 2006</option> <option value="">December 7, 2006</option> <option value="">November 30, 2006</option> <option value="">November 21, 2003</option> <option value="">November 16, 2006</option> <option value="">November 9, 2006</option> <option value="">November 2, 2006</option> <option value="">October 26, 2006</option> <option value="">October 19, 2006</option> <option value="">October 12, 2006</option> <option value="">October 5, 2006</option> <option value="">September 28, 2006</option> <option value="">September 21, 2006</option> <option value="">September 14, 2006</option> <option value="">September 7, 2006</option> <option value="">August 31, 2006</option> <option value="">August 24, 2006</option> <option value="">August 17, 2006</option> <option value="">August 10, 2006</option> <option value="">August 3, 2006</option> <option value="">July 27, 2006</option> <option value="">July 20, 2006</option> <option value="">July 13, 2006</option> <option value="">July 6, 2006</option> <option value="">June 29, 2006</option> <option value="">June 22, 2006</option> <option value="">June 15, 2006</option> <option value="">June 8, 2006</option> <option value="">June 1, 2006</option> <option value="">May 25, 2006</option> <option value="">May 18, 2006</option> <option value="">May 11, 2006</option> <option value="">May 4, 2006</option> <option value="">April 27, 2006</option> <option value="">April 20, 2006</option> <option value="">April 13, 2006</option> <option value="">April 6, 2006</option> <option value="">March 30, 2006</option> <option value="">March 23, 2006</option> <option value="">March 16, 2006</option> <option value="">March 9, 2006</option> <option value="">March 2, 2006</option> <option value="">February 23, 2006</option> <option value="">February 16, 2006</option> <option value="">February 9, 2006</option> <option value="">February 2, 2006</option> <option value="">January 26, 2006</option> <option value="">January 19, 2006</option> <option value="">January 12, 2006</option> <option value="">January 5, 2006</option> <option value="">December 29, 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