Cerritos College — PT Nursing

PT Nursing

Salary: $83.93 – $126.88 Hourly
Job Type: Part Time
Job Number: PTNursing-22
Closing: 1/31/2023 11:59 PM Pacific
Location: Norwalk, CA
Department: PTNursing-22
Division: Health Occupations


Equity and Diversity

The District is strongly committed to achieving staff diversity and the principles of equal opportunity employment. The District encourages a diverse pool of applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, religion, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation in any of its policies, procedures or practices. In fact, the college encourages applications from all segments of qualified people.

College Profile

Cerritos College is ranked 14th among the top 100 schools with the highest Hispanic enrollment in the United States by the United States Department of Education. Cerritos College serves as a comprehensive community college for southeastern Los Angeles County. Communities within the college’s district include Artesia, Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey, Hawaiian Gardens, La Mirada, Norwalk, and portions of Bell Gardens, Lakewood, Long Beach, Santa Fe Springs and South Gate. Cerritos College offers degrees and certificates in more than 180 areas of study in nine divisions. Enrollment currently averages 20,000 students. Visit Cerritos College online at http://www.cerritos.edu.

Department Profile

The Nursing Program is an integral part of the Health Occupations Division. The mission of the nursing program is to prepare entry level Registered Nurses to meet the needs of diverse populations in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The nursing program is composed of twelve full-time faculty, 20 adjunct faculty, and 140 full-time students. We believe that nursing education is driven by the application of critical thinking and sound judgment and the development of teaching/learning strategies using innovative approaches and evidence-based research. Education is based on mastery learning and is viewed by the nursing faculty as a collaborative process involving college administrators and staff, nursing faculty and nursing students. Each student enters the nursing program with unique characteristics, capabilities, learning styles, and motivation for learning. To address learning style differences, curriculum experiences are structured from simple to complex and are delivered in varied methodologies to connect with all learning domains. The program embraces the diversity of cultural, linguistic and philosophical differences represented in the student body. Course experiences are designed to encourage discussion, inquiry, collaboration and application of cultural practices that are unique to the individuals and groups represented in the campus and in the community. The goal of the program is to promote students’ creativeness, critical thinking, clinical judgment, and personal growth based on successful learning experiences. Students are expected to participate actively in the learning process and to positively collaborate with faculty and student peers. The program is on full approval from the Board of Registered Nursing and full accreditation from Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

Job Duties


Maintain currency with current information, concepts, laws and ideas in their disciplines and with best practices in teaching and learning.

Check mailbox, voicemail, and e-mail regularly.

Complete the checkout form before leaving campus at the end of the academic term.

Maintain student confidentiality as required by regulation and Board Policy 5040 titled Student Records and Directory Information.


Teach all assigned classes unless excused under provisions of Board Policy.

Teach all assigned classes for all scheduled minutes.

In cases of necessary absence from class, notify the Instructional Dean or designee, or if unavailable, the Office of Academic Affairs in advance and have plans prepared so that a substitute, if assigned, can maintain continuity of course content.

Teach courses in accordance with the course outlines of record.

Provide opportunities for students to be aware of their progress.

Submit a copy of the syllabus for each class to the Division Office.

Keep accurate records of student enrollment, attendance, and academic progress and submit them to appropriate offices by the published deadlines.

Submit end-of-session grades, including supporting documentation, and attendance reports by the published deadlines.

Submit required information about first-day, no-show students by the published deadlines.

Submit textbook order information by the published deadlines. If the textbook is electronic or includes an electronic course pack, these conditions must be met:

  • Tests and exams must be available to the student without charge.
  • The text and course pack must be available to students with disabilities.
  • The publisher must grant read-only access to designated college staff for purposes of evaluation of course materials.
  • The text must be downloadable or printable. 

If these four conditions are not met, the electronic textbook cannot be used.

Meet all classes during the final examination period.

Give final examinations at the scheduled time unless approval to do otherwise is granted by the Office of Academic Affairs or its designee.

Keep all corrected final examination papers for at least one year following the close of the semester or summer term.

Maintain a safe learning environment in classrooms, laboratories, and other instructional spaces.

Allow the instructional manager and/or Instructional Dean, upon request, to review any assignments given during the semester.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in nursing and two years of professional experience within the previous five years in the nursing area to which he or she will be assigned, which may be met by: A. Minimum of 2 years of direct patient care experience as a Registered Nurse in MedicalSurgical, Psychiatric, Obstetric, Pediatric or Community-Based Nursing; or B. Patient care experience and one year full-time clinical teaching experience or equivalent atthe registered nursing level in the designated nursing area that demonstrates clinical competency; or C. Two years full-time clinical teaching experience or equivalent at the registered nursing level in the designated nursing area that demonstrates clinical competency. Nursing and teaching experience must have been within the past five years. Active California Registered Nurse License.

Understanding of and sensitivity to meeting the needs of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic background of the student, community, and employee population.

Preferred Qualifications
Masters or Doctorate in Nursing § Master’s degree emphasis in Nursing Education § Teaching experience at the community college level § Registered Nurse level clinical teaching experience § Clinical experience in specialty areas: Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Psychiatric/Mental Health, Community Health, ICU/CCU, ER § Certification in areas of nursing: Med Surg, OR, Emergency Room, etc. § Certification in areas of nursing education: CNE, CNEcl, Simulation

Supplemental Information

Physical Demands

Physical requirements may be met with or without reasonable accommodations. Requires ambulatory ability to move to various office and classroom-type locations and to stand, bend, stoop, and reach to setup equipment and provide instruction. Requires sufficient hand eye coordination and dexterity to write on a board or type on a computer. Requires sufficient visual acuity to read documents and make presentations. Requires sufficient auditory ability to project voice to a group, hear questions and prompts, and carry on routine conversations. Requires the ability to lift, push, and pull objects of medium weight (less than 30 lbs.) on an occasional basis.

Conditions of Employment

Assignments are contingent upon sufficient funding and enrollment.

Assignments may include day, evening, and/or weekend classes.

Individual who is offered employment shall be required to obtain fingerprints for a criminal history clearance through the State Department of Justice and remit the required fee for processing the fingerprints, produce an original social security card, and submit negative TB test results (must be within the past four years or within the last 60 days if not previously employed in a school district in California) before employment.

Faculty must be able to teach on-campus or remotely as assigned.

Proof of eligibility to work in the United States and signing of loyalty oath per Government Codes 3100-3109.

Board Policy 2905 requires mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment. The District requires all employees to submit proof of full vaccination against COVID-19, as defined by the CDC. Full policy details can be found on the website; Cerritos College – Chapter 2 – Board of Trustees. Employees may submit requests for medical or religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate for consideration. Details are available on the District’s COVID-19 webpage

** Please note – the District does not provide for immigration sponsorships such as H1B Visas.

Application Procedure

Application materials must be submitted by the closing date. Applicants who need special services or facilities due to disability in order to apply or interview for this position must notify Human Resources at the time of application or at least 72 hours prior to the closing date or date of a scheduled interview.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide copies of all transcript(s) verifying all educational degree(s) and/or coursework required for the position. A foreign transcript must be evaluated by a NACES certified agency. The web address is www.naces.org.

All qualifying educational degrees/training must be from regionally accredited colleges and/or universities.

Selection Procedure

Application materials will be evaluated by a selection committee to determine which applicants’ qualifications, based on the information in the job announcement, best suit the needs of the District and the Department. The selection committee will conduct interviews and may include a teaching demonstration in order to determine which applicant best demonstrate the skill and knowledge required for the position. Successful candidates will be placed on an eligibility list for employment and will be contacted for employment opportunities based on the District’s needs.

Documents need to apply

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Cover Letter/Letter of Interest

Letter of Professional/Occupational Experience

Copy of Transcripts (Must show all coursework completed and the conferral date of the degree)
Special Instructions to Applicants
Letter of Professional/Occupational Experience means written confirmation of experience, issued and signed by a Human Resources or Payroll representative on company letterhead that attest the dates of employment, description of duties, and whether or not the employment was full-time. (If employment was less than full-time, include an accounting of the number of hours you were employed.)
If you were self-employed, include a statement, signed under penalty of perjury, detailing dates of employment, description of duties, and whether or not the employment was full-time. (If employment was less than full-time, include an accounting of the number of hours you were employed.) Further substantiation is required in writing by other person(s) having first-hand knowledge of your self-employment, such as your accountant, or major user of services.

1) Cover Letter to include how candidate meets the understanding and sensitivity to meeting the needs of various populations, as stated in the minimal qualifications)

2) Clinical teaching requires faculty to meet physical requirements with or without reasonable accommodations. Assignments may include day, evening, and/or weekend clinicals. Clinical days may range from six hours to twelve hours in length. The faculty member should be able to meet the following technical standards and essential functions:

3) Demonstrate visual acuity sufficient for observation and assessment of patients and their environment in the provision of nursing care. Demonstrate hearing acuity sufficient to assess patient needs, perform physical assessment, and hear normal conversation as it relates to their working environment. Demonstrate tactile ability and dexterity sufficient for the use of small instruments using a light touch for control. Demonstrate tactile ability sufficient for patient care, physical assessment, and intervention. Demonstrate tactile ability to put on and remove Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. Demonstrate physical abilities and strength sufficient to perform clinical, administrative, and emergency procedures. Demonstrate ability to freely walk, stand, sit, squat, balance, climb, reach, grip, lift, pull, and push as needed in the performance of clinical duties. Demonstrate agility and dexterity sufficient to meet the needs of the work environment. Demonstrate physical ability sufficient to maneuver in small spaces (including standing, walking, bending, and range-of-motion of extremities). Demonstrate gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to perform safe and effective patient care, as well as providing safe environments and

responding to unexpected situations in a timely manner. Demonstrate sufficient physical endurance to attend, participate, and complete assigned responsibilities in the skill lab and/or clinical hospital site.

To apply, visit https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/cerritosedu/jobs/3727747/pt-nursing

The District ensures that all qualified applicants for employment and employees have full and equal access to employment opportunity, and are not subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the District on the basis of national origin, religion, age, sex or gender, race, color, medical condition, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, physical or mental disability, or because he or she is perceived to have one or more of the foregoing characteristics, or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. 


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