South Florida State College — President

The next South Florida State College (SFSC) president will serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the College, and provide leadership for its day-to-day administration, management, and operations, consistent with bylaws and policies. The president oversees the quality of institutional programs and services, SFSC’s financial position, and construction of and enhancements to facilities. As such, the president is responsible for consulting with and informing the District Board of Trustees on matters related to College opportunities and challenges, innovative higher education practices, substantive policy issues, operational risks and threats, and other matters that collectively enable the Board to discharge their governance duties and fiduciary responsibilities.

The role of the president includes critical internal and external duties and activities. Internally, the president develops and supports a team of professional administrators, faculty, and staff who personify exceptional competencies in academic affairs, student support and personal growth, financial management and resource development, property and facility management, and economic growth. The president is expected to be an active, visible, engaged, and essential educational leader throughout SFSC’s service area and four campuses who takes proud ownership for the work done to advance the College in achieving its mission. Externally, the president serves as an ambassador for SFSC on many fronts and engages with individuals and diverse audiences including education leaders, elected local, state, and federal officials, economic development entities, civic and public service organizations, and philanthropic agencies.

Ideal Characteristics:

  • An approachable and dynamic leader who is dedicated to the College, all students, and the communities of SFSC
  • Dedication to enhancing lives and demonstration of a comprehensive approach to the diverse social and economic needs of all students 
  • Transformational and willing to take strategic risks to advance the College in meeting the rapidly changing educational environment
  • A strategic visionary who has significant experience in accreditation, curriculum development, and articulation agreements 
  • A champion of access with a track record of advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • A forward-thinking innovator who has experience leading collegewide technology advancements to meet the needs of both students and employees 
  • A student success-focused leader who champions innovative curriculum, advances baccalaureate offerings, and increases support services for all students.
  • An ardent and experienced planner in student housing, with familiarity in investigating new ways to provide additional housing opportunities
  • A passionate student advocate who will further partnerships with the region’s K-12 districts and institutions of higher education
  • An enthusiastic supporter of a holistic student life experience, including student activities and athletics
  • An entrepreneurial leader who builds partnerships with industry and civic entities in alignment with the College mission 
  • A financially prudent leader with extensive experience successfully managing large and complex budgets
  • A strategic innovator who makes data-driven decisions and takes calculated risks to expand and develop programs and services in the best interest of the institution 
  • A gifted collaborator who advocates for the unique needs of a bilingual and multicultural community 
  • A politically astute leader experienced in working with federal, state, and local government entities and their employees
  • A steadfast leader experienced in crisis management and safety planning 
  • A leader who is sensitive to the life challenges faced by community college students and employees
  • An exceptional leader who is genuine, humble, compassionate, respectful, ethical, fair, transparent, and who is an empathetic listener capable of fostering a family-oriented environment for employees 
  • A higher education professional experienced in working with a rural college and community

Required Minimum Qualifications:

  • Earned doctorate from a regionally accredited institution
  • Five years of senior-level administrative experience in higher education
  • Must establish primary residency within the tri-county district served by SFSC within the first year of employment

To Apply:
Target Date for Applications: January 31, 2023

Visit and upload your documents.

Candidates will need to have the following information or materials available to complete the application:

  1. A letter of application (not to exceed five pages) that succinctly addresses the Opportunities and Challenges identified in the Presidential Profile and demonstrates how the candidate’s experience and professional qualifications prepare them to serve as the president of South Florida State
  2. A current resume including an email address and cellphone number
  3. A list of eight references: For example, two to three supervisors, two to three direct reports, and two to three faculty and/or staff members from current and former institutions

For additional information, nominations, or confidential inquiries please contact: Ed Massey, Ph.D., ACCT search consultant,, 772-216-8284 (cell)

For more information about South Florida State College’s Presidential Search, visit: and to review the Presidential Profile, visit: