Several Racist Incidents Occur on the Campus of Grinnell College in Iowa

Grinnell College in Iowa has had a number of recent racial incidents on campus. Racist and white supremacist graffiti was discovered on campus signs and vehicles. In addition, members of the college community had reported hearing racial slurs shouted from moving vehicles. The student newspaper reported that racist graffiti was found on 14 vehicles.

Anne Harris, president of Grinnell College and Marc Reed, interim vice president for diversity and inclusion, issued a statement that said that “Black students, faculty, and staff are justifiably feeling and expressing anger, outrage, frustration, emotional exhaustion, disappointment, fear, and sadness. Many are concerned about their personal safety. Anti-Black speech and actions cause harm to Black students, faculty, and staff, and directly challenge Grinnell College’s values. They spread division, fear, and hate and damage the culture we strive to create on campus, one that supports, includes, and fosters a feeling of safety and belonging.”

According to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Education, Blacks make up 4 percent of the student body at Grinnell College. But information supplied to JBHE shows that Black students make up nearly 10 percent of the first-year class at the college.



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  1. Gene says:

    As a nation, we are so much better than this. What part of “Justice for All” don’t some people get? This nation could certainly use more than a few Robert F. Kennedy’s (RFK) right now. Where are the men and women of courage these days?

    Right is right, wrong is wrong. Let’s cut the mustard ladies & gentlemen.

  2. JoelCairo says:

    No, Gene, that’s where you’re wrong. This is exactly who America is. We are NOT better than this. These anti-black acts have always been the ugly part of American character that we have tried to shield ourselves from. The question is – what are we willing to do to change who we are at our core as a nation?

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