Northern Arizona University — Assistant Director, Campus Living Communities Staffing

Assistant Director, Campus Living Communities Staffing

Location: Housing Operations
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Job ID: 606630
Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Workplace Culture

NAU is a community devoted to student success and sustained by an unshakable commitment to our shared mission, vision, and values. We—faculty, staff, and administrators—thrive by combining our efforts and working side by side to further NAU's culture of excellence.

Special Information

This position is posted as Assistant Director, Campus Living Community Staffing, which is a working title. The NAU system title for this position is Assistant Director, Campus Operations.

This position focuses on enhancing the campus living experience. This requires some work outside of normal business hours due to engagement efforts, monthly all-student staff meetings, on-call responsibilities and high-level critical incident response. This position is responsible for facility walkthroughs and ensuring the safety of students on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus.

Application Steps

  • submit a resume and cover letter as part of your application materials when applying.

Job Description

Campus Living at Northern Arizona University houses over 7,800 students and staff in 22 campus living communities (CLCs), including traditional, suite, and apartment communities. Our departmental mission and four foundational value areas work in concert to provide an intentional, comprehensive and expansive lens guiding all we do and how we do it. Through our values, we ground our approach, priorities, decisions, interactions, services, staffing, resources, processes, policies, reflection, and navigation of complex situations.

Campus Living Mission Statement:

“We create a welcoming and vibrant campus living experience where students connect, explore, and belong.”

Our Foundational Value Areas:

  • Care and Support
  • Community and Connectedness
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Learning and Development

We value and honor diverse experiences and perspectives, and are committed to fostering inclusive communities where individuals feel valued, safe, and understood. To promote the success of students, staff and faculty, we strive to learn about individual and shared human experiences, while advocating for the respect and inclusion of all identities.

Position Overview

The Assistant Director (AD) for Campus Living Community (CLC) Staffing position plays an integral role in the shared leadership, direction, mission and foundational values of the large and comprehensive department of Campus Living. As one of four Assistant Directors (ADs) reporting to the Director for CLC Staffing, this position contributes to developing and ensuring an enriched and connected campus living experience for over 7,800 students and a robust live-in/on staff including 21 full-time Coordinators, 15 Graduate Assistants, and 201 Community Assistants residing in 22 communities.

The AD for CLC Staffing provides critical leadership, direction and support for a designated area of campus living communities housing up to 2,000 students and staff. This includes direct supervision of 4-5 full-time professional CLC Coordinators, and indirect supervision of 1-2 CLC Graduate Assistants and approximately 50 Community Assistants. The AD position serves in a rotating on-call capacity to respond to wide-ranging, high-level critical incidents including providing emergency/crisis support and consultative assistance for the Coordinator/GA on-call staff.

The AD position helps establish and pursue Campus Living development goals for general campus operations and ensures effective service provided to members of the campus community. The AD position observes industry trends in higher education campus operations to inform Campus Living strategic decisions, maintains department strategic plans and ensures staff adheres to institutional policies. To achieve desired outcomes supporting departmental and institutional values, the Assistant Director must lead with a deep understanding, intercultural competency, and demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Job Duties

Staff Supervision and Development – 40%

  • Directly supervise, guide and develop 4-5 full-time professional live-in Campus Living Community (CLC) Coordinators, responsible for management of daily operations, staff supervision, and implementation of an intentional comprehensive engagement plan for their campus living community.
  • Indirectly supervise 1-2 CLC Graduate Assistants and approximately 50 Community Assistants.
  • Build strong and effective working relationships with live-in staff members; establish and maintain ongoing communication and feedback channels with directly reporting staff, including regular meetings and interactions.
  • Collaborate with leadership team, departmental staff and campus partners to plan and implement intentional and ongoing staff training and development opportunities; assist in the development and reinforcement of individual professional development plans.
  • Apply planning, organizing, directing, and facilitating skills and knowledge of employee regulations, policies and procedures, including delivering formal feedback, planning work, motivating employees, resolving conflicts, and addressing performance issues.
  • Plan and direct work, resolve conflicts, and address performance issues.
  • Coach, mentor, and motivate staff; evaluate team performance and identify and prioritize needs for development; review completed work to verify technical soundness; work within existing standards to promote team/organization effectiveness.
  • Evaluate staff efforts/progress based on clear and comprehensive expectations and timely, ongoing performance feedback.
  • Engage staff members in intentional and expansive conversations and development opportunities around intercultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Determine and guide CLC staff priorities and where/how staff time and energy is dedicated in order to ensure support of departmental initiatives, partnerships and overall enhancement of the campus living experience.
  • Provide input to employment decisions; has significant influence over performance and rewards decisions; make/approve decisions within assigned parameters.
  • Assist in leading CLC staffing efforts, including implementing inclusive, intentional and comprehensive recruitment, selection, onboarding, and training processes.

Student Support and Development – 25%

  • Respond to high-level critical incidents as the Assistant Director on call; participate in the AD on-call rotation to provide emergency/crisis support and consultative assistance for the Coordinator/GA on-call staff.
  • Support and refer students and staff in need of professional services and resources; be knowledgeable of campus and community resources.
  • Meet with students involved in high-level or escalated cases of concern to ensure appropriate follow-up and support.
  • Collaborate regularly with the Office of the Dean of Students, NAU Police Department, Counseling Services, Equity and Access, Disability Resources, and other key University stakeholders.
  • Serve as a member of the Student Behavioral Intervention Team to identify and respond to students of concern in the campus living communities.
  • Educate staff and students on Campus Living policies and procedures, including development, rationale, and implementation.
  • Work closely with the Office of the Dean of Students and Coordinators for Resident Conduct and Care to ensure conduct case management, consistency, and follow through of area student conduct cases and staff adjudication procedures.
  • Serve as a hearing officer for student conduct cases that may result in University Housing contract termination.
  • Support and consult with full-time, graduate, and paraprofessional staff in the management of student conduct and behavioral concerns in the CLCs.
  • Consider parents/guardians as partners in the growth and development of students; within FERPA guidelines, respond promptly to parents/guardians regarding their student concerns and experiences; follow up as appropriate with staff for additional student support and response.
  • As part of leadership team, determine priorities for departmental community engagement framework that supports the intersection of academic, career and social life for freshmen through senior/grad housing.
  • Collaborate with Campus Living staff and campus partners to develop and implement programs and initiatives that promote student success and engage targeted resources in specific campus living communities.
  • Establish goals and priorities for building inclusive communities; promote and demonstrate the department's Commitment to Inclusive Communities by aiding in the creation of environments that value and respect individuals, and integrate an awareness and appreciation of differences.
  • Encourage staff to utilize departmental and campus resources to generate academic, career, and student engagement opportunities.
  • Monitor and identify trends related to community engagement plans, activities, and reports.
  • Assist in the coordination and implementation of signature events and traditions intended to enliven the campus living communities.

Administration, Operations and Facilities Management – 20%

  • Maintain knowledge of Campus Living operational and facilities related policies and procedures; educate staff and reinforce learning throughout the year, including development, rationale, and implementation.
  • Work closely with Campus Living Operations and Facilities staff to support, provide guidance and hold CLC staff accountable in their roles as building managers.
  • Encourage prompt attention to facilities issues/concerns and proficient use of StarRez for operational functions.
  • Develop and maintain proficiency to be able to utilize and support staff with primary software systems (StarRez, Shiftboard, Maxient, TMA, Salesforce, etc.) including programmatic, staff scheduling, facilities, and operations, and front desk procedures such as facility maintenance monitoring, room assignments, room changes, CLC transfers, building occupancy, consolidation, accommodations, application processes, etc.
  • Communicate major incidents or concerns to the Directors as they arise.
  • Meet at least twice/semester with Facilities Coordinator and CLC staff to tour the CLC facilities, discuss trends and suggestions, and determine priorities for CLCs supervised.
  • Advocate for facilities enhancements that promote the holistic development of students; work with staff to determine appropriate needs and improvements.
  • Participate in term transition planning and execution, including fall opening/closing, winter downtime, spring opening/closing and summer planning processes according to scheduled building usage.
  • Assist in the management and supervision of summer operations including staffing oversight for summer camps, conferences, workshops, and student housing.
  • Manage area budget, including expenditure approvals and oversight of student employment trends.
  • Contribute to the development of the Campus Living budget; communicate budgetary decisions, context, planning, and implementation to staff.
  • Work directly with Campus Living staff to ensure all staff hiring, onboarding, service tickets, payroll and other related administrative items completed correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures related to general Campus Living operational functions.
  • Analyze and incorporate additions or modifications to Campus Living operations and facilities, and consider recommendations from staff.

Leadership, Involvement and Professional Development – 10%

  • Support students and staff in advancing the departmental mission and four foundational value areas.
  • Contribute to and actively participate in strategic planning, department goal setting, data/assessment efforts, and determining community staffing priorities and initiatives.
  • Communicate area and departmental trends, concerns, and achievements regularly with supervisor and leadership team.
  • Develop positive working relationships with other campus departments, agencies, and resources that serve students.
  • Participate in and/or lead various meetings and development exercises including weekly Leadership, AD, and Campus Living meetings.
  • Lead and support CLC staffing and departmental initiatives, exercises, and development opportunities around diversity, inclusion, and intercultural competency.
  • Lead and/or serve on designated Campus Living committees; determine committee goals and ensure progress toward outlined objectives.
  • Serve on divisional committees, University committees and/or commissions in consultation with supervisor as part of professional development.
  • Stay current in higher education and student development trends and best practices; serve as a departmental resource regarding community development, diversity and inclusion, staff supervision and development, student development and trends, etc.
  • Instruct two-credit course for hired student staff positions and those selected as alternates, as needed.
  • Develop an individual professional development plan in consultation with supervisor.
  • Participate in University, divisional, and departmental trainings and developmental activities.
  • Attend and/or present at local, regional, or national workshops/conferences.

Other – 5%

  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in related field.
  • 2-4 years of management or supervisory experience required.
  • Minimum 3-5 years of relevant experience.
  • Any combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted for the educational requirement on a year-for-year basis.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's Degree or PhD in related field.
  • 3-5 years of housing and residence life supervisory experience demonstrating increasing responsibilities.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities


  • Expert knowledge of tools, processes, and policies of general campus operations.
  • Intermediate knowledge of supervisory practices and principles.
  • Knowledge and application of student development and community building strategies.
  • Knowledge of student conduct, crisis response, and behavioral education.
  • Knowledge of higher education administrative systems and related business principles.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and commitment to the principles of diversity, equity and creation of inclusive communities.


  • Effective written and oral communication skills adapted for work with students, parents/families, campus partners, etc.
  • Strong leadership skills and practices.
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Conflict resolution and customer service skills.
  • Planning, organizing, directing, and facilitating skills.
  • Record keeping skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • People management skills.


  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships
  • Balances competing priorities.
  • Demonstrates strong problem solving, organizational, and analytical capabilities.
  • Analyzes complex situations and anticipates issues.
  • Coordinates team members and allocates tasks.
  • Communicates effectively.
  • Promotes a diverse, inclusive environment.

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

As of 12/10/21, the Safer Federal Workforce employee vaccination requirement is currently suspended pending the outcome of a federal court-issued injunction. This injunction has suspended the recent executive order issued by President Biden requiring all employees of federal contractors to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. For current status of the vaccine requirement and/or questions, please visit FAQs for Employee Vaccination Requirement.

Background Information

This position has been identified as a safety/security sensitive position. Therefore, per AZ Revised Statute, Northern Arizona University requires satisfactory results for the following: a criminal background investigation, employment history investigation, degree verification (in some cases) and fingerprinting. If you are applying for a job that requires a CDL, you will be required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse and adhere to the clearinghouse requirements. Additionally, as an employer in the state of Arizona, NAU is required to participate in the federal E-Verify program that assists employers with verifying new employees' right to work in the United States. Finally, each year Northern Arizona University releases an Annual Security Report. The report is a result of a federal law known as the Clery Act. The report includes Clery reportable crime statistics for the three most recent completed calendar years and discloses procedures, practices and programs NAU uses to keep students and employees safe including how to report crimes or other emergencies occurring on campus. In addition, the Fire Safety Report is combined with the Annual Security Report for the NAU Flagstaff Mountain Campus as this campus has on-campus student housing. This report discloses fire safety policies and procedures related to on-campus student housing and statistics for fires that occurred in those facilities. If you would like a free paper copy of the report, please contact the NAUPD Records Department at (928) 523-8884 or by visiting the department at 525 E. Pine Knoll Drive in Flagstaff.


Salary is $83,312. Annual salary commensurate with candidate's qualifications and related experience.

FLSA Status

This position is exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and therefore will not earn overtime or compensatory time for additional time worked.


This is a Service Professional (SPF) position. NAU offers an excellent benefit package including generous health, dental and vision insurance; participation in the Arizona State Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Program; 22 days of vacation and 10 holidays per year; and tuition reduction for employees and qualified dependents. More information on benefits at NAU is available on the Human Resources benefits website. NAU is a tobacco and smoke-free campus. Service Professionals are hired on a contract basis, renewable each 6 months according to terms of the Conditions of Professional Service. Employees offered a position will be eligible for state health plans (including NAU's BCBS Plan). New employees are eligible for benefits on the first day of the pay period following their enrollment, after their employment date. Employees will have 31 days from their start date to enroll in benefits. If a new employee chooses the ASRS retirement option, participation in the Arizona State Retirement System, and the long-term disability coverage that accompanies it, will begin on the first of the pay period following 6 months after the new employee's start date. New employees who choose to participate in the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), which is an alternative to the ASRS plan for faculty and other appointed staff, will begin to participate on the first day of employment. Additionally, the long-term disability plan that accompanies the ORP will begin on the first day of employment.

Learning and Development

Your career at Northern Arizona University includes the opportunity for professional development. New employee on-boarding training includes courses to be completed within the first 30 days.

Immigration Suppt/Sponsorship

NAU will not provide any U.S. immigration support or sponsorship for this position.

Application Deadline

October 13, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please click on the “Apply” button on this page. You must submit your application by clicking on the “Submit” button by midnight of the application deadline. If you need assistance completing your application there are instructions available on the Human Resources website or in person in the Human Resources Department located in Building 91 on the NAU Campus – on the corner of Beaver and DuPont Streets.

If you are an individual with a disability and need reasonable accommodation to participate in the hiring process please contact the Office of Equity and Access at: 928-523-3312/TDD – 928-523-1006 or PO Box 4083, Flagstaff AZ 86011.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Northern Arizona University is a committed Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution. Women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. NAU is responsive to the needs of dual career couples.

EEO is the Law Poster and Supplements

NAU is an Employer of National Service. AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other National Service alumni are encouraged to apply.

To apply, visit