Ocean County College — President

Reporting to the Ocean County College Board of Trustees, the President will be expected to:

  • Increase enrollment, retention, and completion
  • Engage all constituents to work together to collaboratively address the needs of the College and the Ocean County community
  • Build and sustain a diverse campus community
  • Continue the advancement of state-of-the-art technology to effectively deliver programs and services through a variety of modalities
  • Increase local, regional and global outreach to further OCC’s status as a college of first choice
  • Continue to generate new sources of enrollment and revenue in a time of decreasing traditional resources through creative collaborations and partnerships
  • Expand on the College’s pioneering work to bring American community college education to the Middle East

Apply now: https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/acct/job/hfag48x9e6n1nen7whtpguh4pa