Sierra College — Dean of Library, Learning Resources and Student Engagement

Sierra College has committed to foundationally re-engineer its programs and services using Guided Pathways to increase student achievement, ensure student equity, and effect timely goal completion. Under administrative direction of the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services, this position provides critical technical and professional leadership in matters related to the library, academic support services, student engagement, and campus life, with a keen strategic and systemic focus on student diversity, equity, inclusion, and success. This position centralizes equity-mindedness in collaboration with deans, program directors, and managers to align student academic and engagement services with departments, divisions, centers, and institutional guided pathways. This position will supervise, support, motivate, and evaluate faculty members, managers, and support staff in related programs, services, and within the Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) and other assigned areas to affect the mission of the District.

Sierra College has a strong commitment to the achievement of equity and inclusion among its faculty, staff, and students and values the rich diverse backgrounds that make up the campus community. The Dean of Library, Learning Resources, and Student Engagement must demonstrate a profound understanding of and experience with successfully supporting individuals with varying backgrounds. This includes persons with disabilities, various gender identities, various sexual orientations, individuals from historically underrepresented communities, and other groups to ensure the District provides strategies for success, as well as proactive, student-centered practices and policies committed to eliminating equity gaps.

Please note that while this Dean oversees Student Engagement, there is a Program Manager/Director who provides daily oversight of student engagement. Therefore, the primary functions of this role is to provide transformational leadership over the Library and Learning Resource Center, and to support the Program Manager/Director in their equity-minded initiatives in their role.