University of Texas at Austin — Provost’s Early Career Cohort Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pharmacy


What starts here changes the world.

At UT Austin, we are committed to building a vibrant interdisciplinary community of scholars. If you are an early career researcher, postdoctoral fellow or graduating Ph.D. student interested in pursuing an independent academic career, the UT Austin Provost's Early Career program could be ideal for you.

This training program is designed for you to develop and pursue research and teaching topics upon which you can build a future academic career. Join a broad community committed to fostering your independent career growth in research, teaching and scholarship. The program will enable you to build a network of emerging scholars like yourself and benefit from the mentorship of top faculty in your field.

As a Provost's Early Career Fellow, you will join an energetic community of other incoming fellows training in different departments across the university. In the College of Pharmacy, we have designed a three-year program where you will be mentored in all the different dimensions that make an assistant tenure-track professor successful.
A major research focus for our program is: 1) the discovery of the underlying mechanisms of disease; and 2) drug discovery and delivery optimization to treat disease as well as health outcomes and policy. Pharmaceutical sciences by their very nature are interdisciplinary with paradigm shifts in the scientific dogma and major advances coming when diverse teams are brought together. Fostering inclusive excellence through the training of well-qualified postdoctoral fellows from diverse backgrounds will catalyze the scholarly excellence and rapid advancement in the pharmaceutical sciences research both within the college and the field overall.

During year one, The fellow will develop a strong foundation in scientific reasoning, as well as rigorous and reproducible research design, methods and data interpretation. The goal is for the fellow to establish an independent research project. The fellow will participate in our established “Building Our Own Talent (BOOT)” program by attending trainings and events as well as serving as a mentor for graduate students in this program. During year two, the fellow will undergo training and coaching in effective teaching pedagogy that will culminate with classroom experiences. In addition, intensive instruction in manuscript and grant writing will occur during this period to set the stage for the goal of preparing a draft of a federal “transition to independence”-type research grant such as through the K99/R00 mechanism. During year three, project management and budget training will be provided to match with the expected submission of a federal grant. Continued pedagological development and teaching experiences will be provided so that the fellow can develop strong teaching portfolios.

Throughout the duration of the program, the fellow will participate in the university-wide training provided by the Provost's Office Early Career Cohort Fellowship program to further develop the skills to build a unique research and teaching portfolio. The fellow will also participate in college and university offered trainings and workshops around a variety of topics (best practices in holistic admissions, mentoring students from diverse backgrounds, Allyship training and others).

The funding package that fellows receive includes a competitive stipend, fringe benefits, relocation funds, travel funds and discretionary funds to enable the professional development of the candidate.
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Contact: John H. Richburg, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies