University of California Office of the President — Associate Vice President, Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs

The Associate Vice President, Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs is a new leadership role serving University of California Health to develop, advance, and execute a complex policy and regulatory agenda, which spans the breadth of health professions, education and workforce, clinical care, and operations. The AVP serves in an executive capacity within the system Office of the President, reporting to the Executive Vice President, UC Health.

ZRG is pleased to present this unique opportunity to those aspiring to advance teaching, research, and public service health initiatives that impact California as well as the world. As the nation’s largest health sciences instructional program and academic health system, UC’s contributions to accelerating cures and treatments for life-threatening and altering diseases is second to none. The AVP will leverage his/her knowledge, skills, and aspirations to inspire and support some of the greatest minds in the world and those who will follow in their footsteps.

The Associate Vice President, Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs, UC Health serves as the policy and regulatory strategist to the EVP UC Health and works in collaboration with UC Health executives, deans, faculty, other senior medical center/professional school leaders and subject matter experts systemwide. The AVP leads the strategic development, advancement, and execution of UC Health’s long-term and short-term policy and regulatory agenda. The AVP strategizes and/or negotiates directly to achieve consensus among high-level stakeholders and develop solutions to complex policy and regulatory issues.

The AVP collaborates closely with the UC State and Federal Government Relations (SGR/FGR) offices to represent and advance UC Health’s policy and regulatory priorities. The AVP works with these offices and others, such as the CFO division and President’s Executive Office, to coordinate the development of effective strategies, budget proposals, and outreach plans that advance policy and regulatory priorities. In addition, they act as the primary liaison between the systemwide UC Health organization and governmental relations. The AVP develops and executes outreach strategies and plans in collaboration with SGR/FGR that leverage the expertise of system-wide UC and UC Health executives and subject matter experts.

The AVP, with the support of his/her team, coordinates, prepares, and delivers strategies, briefings, presentations, fact sheets, and other explanatory, strategic, and advocacy materials on key issues to a variety of UC and UC Health internal and external stakeholders. In addition, the AVP monitors, prioritizes, and ensures proposed legislation and regulation is evaluated for its potential impact on the University in a timely manner.

The AVP recruits, manages, and mentors an accomplished team of three+ professionals who are passionate about UC Health’s mission and possess the skills, experience, credibility, and stature to foster relationships with individuals of influence. The AVP will manage and lead by example to develop a sense of partnership among his/her staff and encourage them to find new ways of engaging constituents in meaningful dialogue about how UC Health contributes to the betterment of the state and nation. The AVP attends to all managerial functions of the position including evaluating and realigning the workforce as necessary to achieve UC Health’s objectives. Also, the AVP will be responsible for managing the budget for the Policy and Regulatory Affairs department in an effective, proactive, and efficient manner.


  • Reporting to the Executive Vice President of UC Health, serve as a key advisor and strategist to develop, advance, and execute UC Health’s complex policy and regulatory agenda, which spans the breadth of health professions, education and workforce, clinical care, and operations.
  • Provide strategic policy and regulatory direction to UC Health executives, senior leaders, subject matter experts, and others across the UC Health enterprise.
  • Collaborate and work closely with the External Relations and Communications division, including State and Federal Governmental Relations and Communications, and with the UC Legal division, including the Deputy General Counsel for Health and her team.
  • Represent the EVP in Sacramento and Washington, DC and build/maintain relationships with legislative and departmental principals and staff, statewide and national regulators, national and California health associations, and other stakeholders.
  • Research and stay current on political, policy, and regulatory issues. Develop plans and execute an annual strategic policy and regulatory agenda. Define key milestones and authorize their implementation. Represent the EVP and UC Health in public systemwide meetings and discussions.
  • Make decisions for the organization on the deployment of resources and ensures achievement of objectives. Erroneous decisions will have a significant impact on the overall success of the organization (functional, division, research initiative, or campus/medical center/UCOP operations).
  • Develop analytical studies on a variety of policies, projects, programs, and issues in support of a function, research initiative, program and/or organizational unit or in research of new or changing systems and programs. Assist in policy and program planning, development, administration, management, and implementation. Interpret, monitor, and analyze information regarding policies and procedures and provide consultative services to department administrators and other stakeholders.
  • Through subordinate managers, direct multiple large and complex critical programs impacting broad constituencies across major portions of the organization. Identify objectives and manage very significant human, financial, and physical resources, and functions with an extremely high degree of autonomy.
  • Formulate and administer policies and programs for major functions. Operational or program results can affect overall organization-wide performance and reputation. Through subordinate managers, direct the development of strategic goals and objectives to achieve accountability and stewardship of University resources in a manner consistent with systemwide objectives and initiatives.
  • Develop organizational policies and authorize their implementation. Provide advice, guidance, and assistance to senior leadership. Establishes direction, policies, and procedures. Represent the campus/medical center/UCOP in systemwide meetings and discussions. Be recognized as an influential leader.

Required Qualifications

  • Exceptionally strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively drive, negotiate, and influence the policy and regulatory agenda across the UC organization, including UC Health centers and professional schools, government relations, CFO and President’s Executive Office, and other UC and UCOP stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  • Expert and broad knowledge of the healthcare industry, especially the role of public, academic medical centers and professional schools, and an in-depth understanding of the California and national political landscape and constituencies.
  • Ability to develop and communicate complex strategies, outreach plans, analyses, findings, and recommendations in a clear and concise manner verbally and in writing to multiple, varied stakeholders across UC and the Regents as well as legislators, regulators, associations, and other stakeholders.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of policies, practices, and systems. Human and other resource planning. Client services orientation.
  • Exceptional listening, critical thinking, analytical, and research skills. Effective meeting management skills.
  • Experience developing and managing effective teams and all aspects of managing department with a direct reporting line to an Executive Vice President or similar level of size and visibility.
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task, use discretion, and maintain all confidentiality.
  • Advanced degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training.

Special Conditions

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, work for this position is being conducted remotely. The selected candidate may be required to report to work in Oakland or Sacramento, California, on a full-time or hybrid schedule when onsite operations resume.
  • UC COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

The full prospectus for this position can be downloaded as a PDF here.

For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University, visit Benefits of Belonging.

Application and Interview Process:
We look forward to learning about your leadership experience and aspirations. ZRG provides best-in-class hiring processes, as matching executive talent to an organization’s needs is crucial to its success. Ideal candidates will possess the requisite leadership skills, attributes, and qualifications as well as a sincere interest in advancing the mission of UC Health.

Please contact ZRG’s executive recruitment team with questions by emailing Diane Charness, ZRG’s Managing Director and Global Nonprofit Practice Co-Leader, and Managing Director Education at  and Amy Rose, Senior Associate at Candidates will apply by forwarding a cover letter and current resume here. Please provide information in your cover letter describing both your commitment to UCOP’s values and how your leadership reflects these principles and has been incorporated into your work.

UCOP is the core of the university system. It’s diverse staff of dedicated employees propels UC’s mission through impactful work locally, in government centers and systemwide. UCOP embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion in all forms. Its team strives for a community that fosters an open, inclusive, and productive environment where they respect the potential of all individuals to make a positive contribution. Please provide information in your cover letter describing both your commitment to UCOP’s values and how your leadership reflects these principles and has been incorporated into your work.