University of California, Riverside — Sr. Policy Analyst, Strategic Initiatives – Health & Wellness

This position is designated as a Career Ladder recruitment, which means the hiring department can recruit and fill this role at different levels within the position classification series. Therefore, this position is currently posted as a Policy Analyst, Strategic Initiatives/PROJECT POLICY ANL 3/recruitment ID# 25024073) and/or (Sr. Policy Analyst, Strategic Initiatives/PROJECT POLICY ANL 4/recruitment ID# 24937401). Applicants are encouraged to review both positions to determine the best match to your skills. All applicants will be assessed based on the minimum requirements for the recruitment for which they applied. If you wish to be considered in both pools or are unsure for which level to apply, please apply for all positions.

Under the general direction of the Associate Vice Chancellor – Health, Well-being, and Safety (HWS), this position is responsible for overseeing the successful planning and execution of various short and long term projects on time and on budget to include program development, community outreach, process improvement, and strategic implementation. Specifically, this position will have the task of informing the discussion around the development of a Student Intervention and Response Unit (SIRU) on-campus, as well as creating a structure for seamless processes aimed at increasing access to resources for student wellness and campus connectedness. This role will help to re-think how we provide services to students in critical incidents that need a higher-level support [outside of law enforcement involvement]. This position will also serve as a policy advisor and liaison to senior leadership, students, supervisors, peers, and external partners. This role will work closely in partnership with both Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and UCR [on-campus] Police Department (UCPD), the entire HWS Division, and various campus & community stakeholders for program development and implementation. Work products will be highly visible, and may be of significant interest to the state legislature, city/county governments, multiple stakeholder groups and others. This position will lead highly complex special projects, especially those that deal with integrating multiple interests, gaining consensus, and working with students, staff, faculty, and community groups. Additionally, the role will lead initiatives to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness in the management of resources. Other initiatives include, but are not limited to: technology implementation, business processes, performance measurement, audits, cost benefit analysis and control related initiatives that affect multiple departments within the division, and local partners.The purpose of this position is to develop, recommend, and implement policy, strategic direction, and programmatic activities. The incumbent will be assigned tasks to ensure accreditation mandates are completed thoroughly and on-time (e.g., International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators – IACLEA), as well as state and University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) reporting requirements. This position works independently to successfully manage complex dynamics while maintaining a high level of professionalism, and the healthy engagement with campus, student, and community leaders and constituents. The incumbent has the ability to successfully facilitate discussions, leading teams to make critical, well-informed, and timely decisions. Manages conflicts, disputes, and difficult issues arising from the user groups and planning meetings. Experience developing slide decks, research and evaluation, outreach plans, and professional email updates. Ability to present project results to various leadership and campus teams. ***As a condition of employment, you will be required to comply with the University of California SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program Policy. ***

Key Responsibilities

  • Leads efforts to conduct highly complex analyses across a broad spectrum of programs, policies and initiatives or provides in-depth, complex analyses as a specialist in one policy field.
  • Develops and advocates solutions to organizational or research program issues, including developing and administering new systems, policies, processes, or programs. Works with and coordinates with departments within HWS, across campus, and in the community. Provide efficient updates of progress to committees with respect to project guidelines and recommendations, project plans, timeline management, quality standards and risk mitigation.
  • Proposes, leads and/or participates on policy, strategy and planning committees and working groups. Successfully facilitates discussions with persons holding diverse opinions, leading teams to make critical, well-informed, and timely decisions. Manage conflicts, disputes, and difficult issues arising from the user groups and planning meetings. Compiles data for decision support to make strategic decisions.
  • Researches and summarizes best practices in field. Develop timelines for accreditation and reporting requirements for on-time delivery, lead RFP responses, create slide decks, coordinates and completes funding applications, and drafts professional email updates.
  • Collaborates with partners to coordinate the development, implementation and monitoring of new programs and processes.
  • Leads and directs a wide variety of projects and follows through with all levels of staff and individuals inside and outside the organization.
  • Makes high level contacts of a sensitive nature, internally and externally, requiring discretion and diplomacy in order to negotiate with or persuade officials to adopt the proposed solution or program/process recommendations.
  • Guides and directs planning which may include senior management, faculty, and/or external constituencies.
  • Develops and presents complex proposals on a broad range of issues to include problem identification, costs, benefits and options. Help in the development of a campus-wide survey and assessment plan; Establish quality assurance controls to make necessary workflow adjustments to ensure process improvement efforts are sustained.
  • Other duties as necessary.

Education & License Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training. – Required
  • Advanced degree in related area (i.e, Public Health, Public Policy, Education, Health Services, Social Sciences, Ethnic and/or Gender Studies, etc.) – Preferred

Experience Requirements

  • Proven experience in assessment and evaluation. – Required
  • 6 – 10 years of related experience. – Required
  • Experience working with traditionally under-resourced and/or marginalized populations. – Required
  • Working in a social services, health, community, and/or higher education setting. – Preferred
  • Experience in developing of policies and procedures. – Preferred

Please be advised that this is a Ladder Recruitment. The recruitment is launched under both Project Policy Analyst (Job number 25024073) & Sr. Project Policy Analyst IV (Job number 24937401) and we invite your application as you may see fit. If you are unsure of which position best fits your experiences and skillsets, we invite you to apply for both postings. Please be advised that you will only be considered for the position in which you’ve applied to.