University of Tennessee at Martin — Director of Retention

The University of Tennessee at Martin is seeking applications and nominations for the position of Director of Retention. The primary goal of this position is to promote student success, persistence and timely degree completion. The Director of Retention will require frequent student interaction, and close collaboration with a variety of campus constituents. This position will require occasional night and weekend hours. 

Duties & Responsibilities
Duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to: 

  • Oversee/supervise the Student Success Center, including professional and student staff; 
  • Oversee/supervise the FYI program, including professional and/or student staff, and chairing the FYI Committee; 
  • Execute the Strategic Enrollment Management plan as it pertains to the retention and completion of specific student demographics (transfer students, underrepresented minorities, adult students, upperclassmen, Veterans, students on academic probation, etc.);
  • Coordinate the frequent collection and evaluation of retention data, analyzing current data, predicting trends, applying data to retention initiatives, and sharing data with necessary campus constituents;
  • Manage the Student Success component of Slate, a retention-based software package, including analysis and user training;
  • Direct specific recurring retention initiatives and success-centered workshops and trainings; 
  • Mentor and meet with students to assess their needs, and refer them to applicable UTM services;
  • Manage the retention functions of the University and evaluate the University’s array of retention programs to enhance student success and seek feedback/make recommendations for continuous improvements;
  • Identify institutional policies and procedures that may lead to or contribute to attrition and propose changes;
  • Collaborate with campus offices and personnel (including faculty, Academic Advisors, Student Affairs, Undergraduate Council, Faculty Senate, and all departments within the Office of Enrollment Services & Student Engagement) in order to address these retention deliverables;
  • Other duties as assigned.  

Additional Information
The successful candidate should:

  • Have a successful record of student success initiatives and interventions; 
  • Demonstrate a successful history of data analysis and implementation of things learned;
  • Possess a sense of humor and a sincere desire to serve our students and the surrounding community;
  • Thoroughly understand how Academic Affairs and Student Affairs can partner for student success;
  • Demonstrate flexibility and energy, and be able to think quickly on his/her feet; 
  • Be committed to professional development;
  • Be able to ask insightful and preemptive questions;
  • Have exemplary critical thinking abilities, with keen understanding of what motivates others.  

The minimum qualifications are:

  • Master’s degree but terminal degree strongly preferred;
  • Prior experience working with college student retention initiatives;
  • Ability to create and maintain collegial and cooperative relationships across campus;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, as well as, strong written and oral communication skills;
  • Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks;
  • Prior experience advising/mentoring/teaching college students.
  • Experience with data collection and analysis

The desired qualifications are: 

  • Terminal academic degree;
  • Prior experience as a faculty member or successful track record of collaborating closely with faculty;
  • Demonstrated successful experience in academics and administration

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