Pellissippi State Community College — Manager, Financial Aid


Basic Job Summary

Plan, organize, and supervise the processing of financial aid documents within the Financial Aid Office.  Direct daily activities to ensure compliance with federal, state and institutional policies and procedures. Provide supervision and direct the work of financial aid staff overseeing complex financial aid programs evaluating their accuracy and productivity. Evaluate effectiveness of existing operating procedures and implement improvements to enhance delivery of financial aid to students.  

Essential Job Functions

  1. Supervise the daily operational staff, functions and scheduling of the financial aid programs to ensure daily workflow objectives are met.  Delegate assignments in all phases of the student financial aid program and establish standards and goals and evaluate employee results and accountability. Serve as a back-up processor to all program areas during peak periods, to ensure timely awarding of financial aid to students. Develop and conduct training opportunities for staff and students. Assist with New Student Orientation when needed. Communicate effectively with individuals from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  Handle escalated complaints from students and parents and resolve student financial aid issues.
  2. Remain current with all federal and state regulations pertaining to financial aid programs.  Interpret and implement necessary changes to ensure compliance requirements are met and staff have incorporated all pertinent regulatory changes. Communicate changes to appropriate PSCC staff/departments.
  3. Assist Director with developing, documenting and implementing up-to-date office policies and procedures in conjunction with the regulatory requirements mandated by the Department of Education and ensure the effective performance of financial aid operations.
  4. Research and resolve problems related to financial aid applications, eligibility, and awards.
    • Attend and participate in webinars, seminars, workshops, conferences, and other meetings concerned with the implementation of state and federal laws and regulations on financial aid.
    • Utilize specialized financial aid computer applications such as Banner, Common Origination and Disbursement (COD), National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS), Return to Title IV, Servicer Systems and others.
    • Develop presentations and present the material to students, staff, institution, Cashiers and outside professional groups.
    • Review and approve/deny applications for Dependency Override and Professional Judgment, requests based on the facts obtained, submit file for corrections, if necessary refer student to other resources as needed.
    • Work with TnCIS staff.
    • Ensure prompt completion of the monthly employee timesheets and annual reviews.
    • Assist Director with interviewing and hiring of full-time staff.
  5. Recommend and implement options for potential solutions to streamline processes to enhance delivery of financial aid to students. Ensure internal audit programs are completed to meet program requirements.  Collaborate with FA Director for preparation and completion of the Financial Aid Audit with external auditors.

Key Result Areas

  • What are the measurable outcomes or results that are expected from this job?
    Meeting financial aid processing deadlines to ensure financial aid availability for students to attend school. Managing the office efficiently so that processes are completed and students have money on their accounts by the time school begins and are able to purchase books and needed supplies. 
  • What is the most challenging part of this job?
    High volume of work with minimum staffing can create a highly stressful work environment for staff level employees. Motivating these employees to perform necessary functions while ensuring our student-customers (and their parents) are provided with high levels of customer service is always a challenge, but one that must be met to achieve the success of our department.
  • What job or jobs are considered good training or preparation for this one?
    Significant experience in both operational and people management skills are crucial.  Having a background in the student finance industry with an emphasis in compliance and default aversion is optimal. Previous experience supervising others is optimal. 
  • Which job (if any) provides backup support for this job when the regular employee is absent?
    The Director of Financial Aid is the backup support.

Job Requirements

Formal Training
What specific education/training is required to be fully qualified for the job?  How is this education/training typically acquired, e.g., on-the-job training, formal classroom education, trade school, apprenticeships? Include degrees and majors and any required licenses and certifications.

Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college/university.  Knowledge is acquired from on-the-job financial aid administration and supervising people. Attendance at federal and State training conferences; Dept. of Ed. credentialing.

Years of Experience
How much and what specific type of directly job-related experience would typically be needed to acquire the skills necessary to perform this job at a competent level?

At least 4 years’ financial aid or higher education administrative and supervisory experience required (with direct reports preferred). Financial Aid experience of 3 years or more preferred.

Special Skills/Application of Knowledge
What skills and specific knowledge are needed to perform this job? Is being proficient in a second language required?

Strong technical skills and the ability to trouble-shoot problems are strongly preferred. Being able to address problems quickly and find immediate steps to resolve them.  Proficient at analysis of current processes and ability to develop improvements to them. Superior diplomacy skills are essential for relations with both internal and external customers.  Position requires strong supervisory skills – must hold staff accountable and be able to manage their work load either while employee works remotely or ‘in-person’ – accountability measures must be designed and followed to ensure timely processing of financial aid documentation.