Smith College — Director of Sustainability & Administrative Director of CEEDS

Job Summary

The Director of Sustainability & Administrative Director of the Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability (CEEDS) is unique in its purpose to bridge campus operations with education and research and to prepare students through active learning and societal engagement to foster and lead sustainable, just communities and to make significant and lasting contributions to address the critical issues of the times.

As the Administrative Director of CEEDS, in partnership ship with the Faulty Director, oversees an array of initiatives, ensuring the environment and climate goals of the college are achieved; that these link the college’s initiatives to its academic and research programs enhancing learning and laboratory experiences for students, and support curriculum in Environmental Science and Policy and Environmental Concentrations.

As the Director of Sustainability lead traditional sustainability efforts, as well as design innovative ways to address climate and environmental concerns in Smith’s unique setting in the Pioneer Valley. Work across the college, with partners in the Five College consortium and beyond, the city of Northampton and the region to set goals and influence policies and practices for minimizing the impact humans have on the earth. Develop and maintain community partnerships that enable Smith to accelerate creativity and innovation in its sustainability initiatives, and engage with an intensely interested and committed student body determined to change the course of climate and environment in the most positive ways.

Work in close collaboration with the Faculty Director of CEEDS to set a comprehensive and aggressive vision, strategies, benchmarks and goals for impactful operational practices, academic programs and policy decisions on all topics related to sustainability, environment and climate.

Take appropriate actions to support a diverse workforce and participate in the College’s efforts to create a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Essential Functions

Administrative Director of CEEDS:

Determine the appropriate management, staffing and budget for CEEDS with the Faculty Director, to meet agreed upon goals while leading a team of full-time, part-time, and student employees in the achievement of goals. The co-directors of CEEDS also work closely with the Director of the Environmental Science and Policy Department for which CEEDS provides administrative support. The Administrative Director supervises the CEEDS staff.

Engage in innovative and creative academic and research pursuits through enterprises such as supporting research, supporting classes, mentoring students, contributing to the design of curriculum, and supporting student projects.

Director of Sustainability:

Serve as the operational expert for all things related to sustainability, the environment and climate, and connects this work as relevant to the academic experts on campus.

Maintain connection and understanding of key campus collaborators including Facilities Management, the Botanic Gardens, Students Affairs and Dining Services. Contribute to operational policy development including, purchasing, planning, operations, facility design and construction, ensuring operations are operating consistently with the college’s sustainability goals; helping to reset and facilitate change where needed.

Design and implement an engagement structure for the Smith campus community – e.g. Green Office, EcoRep and Basic Needs programming.

Identify and evaluate community partnerships that support and/or enable Smith’s sustainability, environment, and climate goals. Engage with city and federal government to determine specific and achievable ways to work together in accomplishing goals that extend beyond campus boundaries.

Foster ongoing open, challenging, and dynamic campus dialogue about sustainability and Smith’s commitment and efforts.

Other Functions

Remain connected to sustainability thought leadership in higher education, industry and government.

All employees are expected to participate in the College’s efforts to create a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming work environment.

Minimum Qualifications (knowledge, skills, education, experience, certifications, licenses)

  • Master’s degree in a relevant discipline plus a minimum of 7 years’ experience in leading a sustainability program, organizational change, community planning or other multi-stakeholder initiative or an equivalent combination of education/experience.
  • Experience with organizational change initiatives and approaches.
  • Experienced manager; who can establish a vision and bring a team together to perform.
  • Experience developing and fostering external collaborations and partnerships.
  • Experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.


  • Strong leadership and management skills and a depth and breadth of knowledge relative to sustainability, the environment and climate.
  • Ability to balance visionary thinking with both aggressive and pragmatic approaches to implementation and achievement of goals.
  • A deep understanding and commitment to the values and the academic and research missions of the college and the willingness to contribute to that mission in a variety of ways. Demonstrated depth of experience in the development and implementation of a wide range of creative and innovative sustainability initiatives with measurable results.
  • Ability to develop solutions that engage historically excluded populations.
  • Political savvy with the ability to communicate and interact with various internal organizations, government entities and external stakeholders required.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, the ability to inspire and motivate staff, faculty, students and leaders, and to hold people accountable for the achievement of goals.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Empathy, compassion, integrity and highly ethical character.

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