Who is Doing a Better Job at Social Distancing, Blacks or Whites?

The Center for Economic and Social Research at the University of Southern California has released a new report on how Americans are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The report breaks down several survey responses by racial and ethnic group. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Two thirds of White respondents said they had close contact with people who they do not live with over the week prior to the survey. For Blacks, the figure was 45.8 percent.
  • Nearly 12 percent of Whites reported that they had been to a club or bar in the past week compared to 5.4 percent of Blacks.
  • For Whites, 41.3 percent had visited a friend’s, neighbor’s, or relative’s house in the week prior to the survey. For Blacks, the figure was 26.6 percent.
  • More than 43 percent of Whites had visitors inside their house or residence during the seven days prior to the survey compared to 29.9 percent of Blacks.
  • Nearly 15 percent of Whites had attended a gathering of 10 more people, compared to 8.2 percent of Blacks.
  • Some 40 percent of Whites said they stayed in their home for the past seven days except for obtaining essential items. For Blacks, the figure was 52.4 percent.
  • Nearly 70 percent of Whites said they had gone outside for a walk or to exercise. Only 45.8 percent of Blacks had done so.
  • Nearly 10 percent of Whites had gone to a religious service compared to 4.4 percent of Blacks.



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