Soka University of America — Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Soka University of America (SUA) seeks to fill a full-time, one-year Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics position to teach three Economics courses; International Economics, Development Economics and Principles of Economics, and two General Education classes. Teaching load is two courses each semester, with a General Education in a Block (Fall or Winter). Classes are very small, typically less than 20 students. Position begins in September 2021. Applicants with PhD in Economics and teaching experience preferred. ABD candidates in Economics will be considered. Salary commensurate with experience.

Course Description: 

International Economics

Two broad subfields of international economics: international trade and international finance will be introduced and discussed extensively in this course. In the first half of the course, we will discuss some classical international trade models including but not limited to the Ricardian model, the specific factors model, the Heckscher-Ohlin model, the standard trade model and multinational firms trade and their policy implications as well as some limitations. In the second half, with monetary issues included in the international trade, our discussions will be focused on the balance of payments, the determinants of exchange rates and their interaction with money and interest rates in an international context. The class will be concluded with the relation between exchange rates and economic outputs. 

Development Economics

This course is designed to introduce students to one of the major issues of world economy: the process of economic development across the world. It provides an essential understanding of the causes and consequences of underdevelopment and poverty in developing economies, and attempts to explore some possible means to overcome the obstacles to development. A special emphasis will be placed on the application of theoretical approaches in analyzing economic development. Topics covered will include: the nature and meaning of development and underdevelopment, economic growth and sources of growth, poverty and income distribution, population and migration, rural development and urbanization, the environment and sustainable development, education, health, and human capital, international trade and finance, foreign aid, private foreign investments, and debt crisis, institutional factors, development strategies, and government policies in the effort to promote growth and development. Students will become familiar with critical issues, problems, and policy options faced by less developed countries through examples and case studies.

Principles of Economics

Economics is a social science that gives you analytical tools to understand, and formulate educated responses about key contemporary issues: How well do markets work in promoting an economy’s well-being? Is there a role for government in a modern economic system? Does their intervention make people’s life better or worse? Must we sacrifice biodiversity to provide for the economic needs of society? Should Obama have spent $800 billion to save the banks during the Great Recession? To address any contemporary economic concern, such as those above, you must know how the system works. That is exactly what this introductory course is designed to do. To help you develop the faculty to critically evaluate contemporary economic issues, you will examine fundamental concepts such as the market, price, equilibrium, efficiency, equity, government intervention, externalities, monopoly, national income, unemployment, inflation, fiscal and monetary policies. By the end of this class, you will gain a foundation in economic literacy, as well as adequate practice in using the tools of theory developed in this class to analyze contemporary economic issues as reported in the media.

Candidates should demonstrate responsiveness toward and understanding of diverse student backgrounds, especially with regard to socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, culture, ability/disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity and have a willingness to facilitate the university’s mission to develop global citizens

Soka University of America is a four-year liberal arts institution located in the town of Aliso Viejo in southern Orange County, California.  The university is ranked 28th in the Best National Liberal Arts Colleges category of the 2020 US News and World Report Annual College Rankings.  It offers a challenging liberal arts education dedicated to teaching talented students from all around the world. The university has built its reputation on outstanding teaching and scholarship and on the academic excellence of its students. Additionally, the college aims to foster close intellectual relations between faculty and students through small class sizes, mentorship of senior theses (capstones), and student involvement in faculty research. Soka University of America is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community where members from all backgrounds can live, learn and thrive.

Applications will be considered beginning May 01, 2021.   This position will remain open until filled.

Application Information: To apply, please submit a  (1) letter of application, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) a one-page statement of teaching philosophy, (4) evidence of teaching effectiveness (if available), (5) a sample syllabus for this course, and (6) contact information for three professional references. Employment is contingent on the completion of a successful background check.

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Soka University of America is an equal opportunity employer.