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First Year Experience, Regis College
Job Description: Academic Program Coordinator

This position in the Office of the First-Year Experience was created in 2017 as part of a comprehensive growth plan in Regis College intended to build greater institutional capacity for inclusive excellence, student retention, and student readiness as part of our way of proceeding as a Jesuit liberal arts university. The First-Year Experience (FYE) offers new students a cohesive introduction to our academic culture and Jesuit mission by means of the Foundational Core, the First-Year Advising Program, and the First-Year Learning Community.

The Academic Program Coordinator supports this work of teaching, advising and community-building by offering an operational leadership informed by direct participation in the co-curricular dimensions of the FYE. As such, candidates for this position should bring not only strong administrative experience, but also a demonstrable skill in—and passion for—academic mentoring and coaching which will amplify the programmatic work in our FY Advising Program. Because the FYE is the first contact faculty and staff have with our incoming students, the Academic Program Coordinator contributes in crucial ways in the FYE and in campus-wide collaboration towards an environment which is both welcoming and fully engaging, an environment which fosters success for all our new students and so catalyzes institutional transformation.

The Academic Program Coordinator collaborates with key stakeholders to provide operational oversight and support in four key areas of the FYE: 1) the building and supporting of a yearly cohort of faculty members who teach the foundational core (a fall writing seminar and a spring communications-intensive semiar) and who also serve as first-year advisors; 2) the organizing and executing of a robust program of ongoing faculty development which gives cohesion to that faculty cohort; 3) the organizing and executing of an advising program which supports students from their admission to matriculation and throughout their first year; and 4) the organizing and executing of a cohesive, year-long series of co-curricular events which foster a sense of belonging for first-year students. An ideal candidate will bring to all four of these areas a demonstrable commitment to strengthening efforts which contribute to the success of traditionally underrepresented and underserved students at Regis.

As indicated above, an additional focus of this position is academic mentoring and coaching. Applicants should have strong background mentoring and academic coaching with students from diverse backgrounds at the collegiate level. An ideal candidate will be ready to engage with the Ignatian tradition of discernment which informs our student-centered, holistic approach to academic advising as a Jesuit university.

As a member of the FYE Advisory Board, the Academic Program Coordinator will be a key contributor to shared oversight and assessment of curricular and programmatic outcomes, offering a perspective on our collective decision-making which is informed by a unique combination of operational oversight and program participation. We are seeking an academic professional with a passion for life-long learning, ready to create a personal program for professional development which can serve to enhance this collective decision-making.

This is a full-time, 10-month position in Regis College, which includes the 8 months of the academic year (August to November, January to April) as well as two months of work during the summer in May, June and July.  The Academic Program Coordinator reports to the Director of the First-Year Experience. Salary is competitive and commensurate with education and experience.  


  • Collaborate with the Director of the FYE and key stakeholders (FYE Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Compostion; FYE Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies; and staff in the Regis College Dean’s Office) to collect course descriptions, to create Fall-Spring faculty pairings and to promote FYE course offerings to incoming first-year students.
  • Support the FYE’s Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies in organizing a faculty mentoring program; in communicating regularly with the FY faculty and advisors; and in creating and maintaining a digital repository of programmatic materials to support faculty.
  • Collaborate with Director of the FYE, Admissions, the Regis College Associate Dean for Advising and the Director of Student Success in organizing summer advising and fall registration as well as participate in those summer efforts; and collaborate with the Director of the FYE in aligning the FY Advising Program with broader college and university student success initiatives. 
  • Support the Director of the FYE and key stakeholders from Student Affairs in organizing New Student Orientation, the First-Year Reading Program and Fall and Spring co-curricular events.
  • Offer academic coaching to 10-15 first-year students in the first academic year of employment and 25-30 first-year students in second year of employment and thereafter; and collaborate with the Director of the FYE, the Regis College Associate Dean for Advising and the Director of Student Success to identify students most likely to benefit from this additional support during the academic year.
  • Collaborate with Director of the FYE on budgetary oversight and management. 
  • Participate in the FYE Advisory Board’s work to ensure high-impact learning for our students so that we deliver the programming and education students expect when they matriculate to Regis. Contribute to the work of that same Advisory Board to assess student, faculty and programmatic outcomes.
  • Collaborate closely with Director of the First-Year Experience, the Director of Student Support, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence and other stakeholders in making inclusive excellence a key element of our way of proceeding.


  • Commitment to the values of a Jesuit, liberal arts education.
  • Conferred MA in a discipline appropriate to position (e.g., Social Work, Education, Divinity, Counseling, et cetera).
  • Proven experience and leadership in program operations and oversight.
  • Proven experience in academic advising, mentoring and/or coaching.
  • Knowledge of how to manage co-curricular activities such that an atmosphere appropriate to learning is achieved. 
  • Demonstrated ability to collect, analyze, and assess data related to student success, student learning outcomes, and program effectiveness.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills, including strong presentation skills and excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and flexibility.
  • Outstanding ability to collaborate effectively with students, faculty and staff.
  • Ability to work with Director of the FYE to create a plan for on-going personal professional development.
  • Professionalism in dress, manner, behavior, and communication. Sound judgment and diplomacy in interpreting Regis College and University policy in absence of supervisor. Confidentiality. 
  • Accurate keyboarding/typing. Moderate level of computer experience using Microsoft Office for Windows. Exceptional knowledge of appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage in writing and speaking the English language.

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