Northwestern University — Associate Dean of Finance and Business Operations, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences

As a member of the Dean’s senior leadership team, the Associate Dean is primarily responsible for the financial strategy and management, and business operations for Weinberg College. The Associate Dean oversees the alignment of administrative operations including Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology with the strategic initiatives of the College. The Associate Dean is responsible for developing and implementing current best practice policies and systems in finance and operations to support the growth and impact of the College, partnering closely with senior leadership in the College on operations such as faculty recruitment and retention, facilities and equipment, and research support and personnel. Collaborates regularly with the other schools at Northwestern, Office for Research, Office of the Provost, and senior members of the Office of Business and Finance, including Human Resources, Financial Operations, Budget and Planning, Risk and Compliance, and Information Technology. Weinberg College is committed to furthering diversity, equity and inclusion, and all members of our office contribute in their respective roles. The Associate Dean promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the College in all aspects of this portfolio.

The Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences is reimagining traditional arts and sciences education in ways that prepare our students for success in an ever-changing, complex world. The College is the most comprehensive of Northwestern’s 12 schools, offering 47 majors to approximately 4,300 undergraduate students. Our goal is to develop in students a Northwestern Mindset – a flexible, adaptable view of the world that seeks to understand the pressing issues of today and transform them into the promising new opportunities of tomorrow. Staff who work in the College think creatively, work collaboratively, and are dedicated to building a strong community.

The hallmark of our distinctive educational model is diversity in all of its manifestations. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the breadth and depth of our course offerings and to ensuring the intellectual and experiential diversity of our faculty and students. In short, we believe that diversity is an essential value that lies at the heart of our community and one that needs to be actively encouraged and pursued.

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