Racial Slur Found Written on a Black Student’s Dormitory Door at the University of Richmond

Police at the University of Richmond in Virginia reported that three incidents of racism occurred on campus late last month. Three students had racial slurs written on the name tags of their dormitory room doors. One student was from the Middle East and one was from Southwest Asia.

The third student, who is an African American, had the word “nigger” written on the name tag on her dorm room door.

Students held a silent protest at a home basketball game raising signs calling for an end to racial hate on campus.

University president Ronald Crutcher issued a statement that said in part, “The incidents of racism on our campus these past few days are hateful and harmful. I was deeply moved and proud of our students, who were so effective at the basketball game, silently protesting and standing together to say that racism of any type has no place at our university.”


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  1. Dr. Carlos J. Minor says:

    As a former college professor I know first hand that two things PWIs hesitate to address are sexual harassment and racial discrimination. I do not know why people of color are flocking to these institutions when we are clearly not wanted there. We should collectively put our energy and attendance into the HBCUs and leave the plantation.

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