University of South Carolina — Associate Director of Facilities Management

The Associate Director of Facilities Operations provides the direct and indirect supervision of the custodial and warehouse programs for the Housing Department at the University of South Carolina’s Columbia, SC campus including approximately 80 employees and encompassing the regular care and cleaning of approximately 2.1 million gross square feet of residence hall space with a budget of 2 million dollars Leadership responsibilities include strategic planning, developing goals and overall management for Facilities units. Delivers cost competitive in-house services; conducts comparative cost surveys with the private sector delivering equivalent services; develops quality assurance practices to evaluate and maintain service, and properly assign work; identifying anticipated needs for equipment, materials, and personnel; and ensuring the successful accomplishment of work plans for efficient resource use and responsive support. Provides leadership support for the other units within Operations: maintenance, work control and safety. Utilizing operational knowledge and skills helps to provide oversight and feedback to increase the quality and quantity of services provided while lowering costs. Acts in the role of leader for the Operation unit during the Director’s absences. Prepares and analyzes reports and documents for upper management review including time and labor studies, incidents, work order completions, supply and equipment needs, disciplinary actions, position management information, annual training requirements, and summations of meetings and training attended in order to provide management with necessary planning and scheduling information; to keep management informed of incidents, issues, and needs; to review trends; and to resolve problems and share best practices; and to assist in the creation of a positive first impression of the residence halls. Develops, implements, and maintains operational processes and measures by reviewing and applying industry standards for products, equipment, and work performance; performing benchmarking analysis with organizations such as APPA, SEC institutions of higher education, and “aspirational” institutions; and communicating information to management and staff on a regular basis. This position has been designated as essential personnel during inclement/hazardous weather and other emergencies.

Master’s degree and 6 years related experience; bachelor’s degree and 8 years relevant experience in business, public administration or administrative services or high school diploma and 12 years of relevant experience equivalency. Valid driver’s license required.
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