Tennessee Board of Regents — End User Support Associate

End User Support Associate (Part-Time)

The End User Support Associate is responsible for coordinating processes and key operations between TN eCampus central office and various TBR institutions with a focus on operations and continuous improvement. This position reports to the Director of Campus Relations, serving as a liaison between central office staff and various constituencies across the state. Specific responsibilities of this position also include: overseeing key administrative functions of the operations team, including scheduling meetings and training events, keeping records of meetings and attendance, documenting procedural changes of the operations team, keeping an up to date procedures manual for TN eCampus staff and partners, working with the Director of Campus Relations and Executive Director of TN eCampus to identify areas for operations process improvement on a rotating calendar basis.

The End User Support Coordinator will also assist with crafting and quality assurance reviews of campus relations-targeted messaging, including: student recruitment mailings, social media and website posts, and communications to partners and prospective partners.

The End User Support Coordinator will assist with semester start and close processes, assisting the Director of Campus Relations and Executive Director with the management and adherence to the operations calendar and tracking of projects using the organization’s approved project management system. This role may also assist with the preparation for and delivery of training or recruitment-focused events, for students, faculty, or staff. The End User Support Coordinator will become fluent in TN eCampus initiatives, mission, services, and technologies, and then work with the Dir. of Campus Relations to facilitated a comprehensive communications strategy that supports these.

The End User Support Coordinator should work with eCampus staff to collect data that identifies trends in student/campus/partner needs, working with the Director of Campus Relations to recommend and implement procedures that improve internal operations or end user satisifaction/retention.

Excellent work ethic, self-starter, attention to details and attendance are crucial. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, project management skills, and must be able to work in a fast-paced atmosphere of ambiguity. The Coordinator should keep a positive, costumer-focused attitude at all times and work well in a team setting.


  • Assist with semester start and close processes, including maintenance and adherence to eCampus operations calendar and tracking of key operations projects;
  • Assist with crafting and quality assurance review of campus-relations targeted messaging, including student recruitment initiatives, social media posts, and website maintenance;
  • Collect and analyze data (e.g. course evaluations, student achievement, training evaluations, student/faculty surveys) for continuous process improvement for TN eCampus operations and external communications based on trends identified in the collected data;
  • Document procedures, needed procedural changes, and areas for continuous improvement in an up to date procedures manual for eCampus staff and partners;
  • Provide support for Campus Relations, Student Success, and operations processes and initiatives of TN eCampus;
  • Oversee meeting and training event scheduling and coordination;
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Knowledge of the TN eCampus organization and its mission, vision, and goals;
  • Knowledge of the TBR system as a whole;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with both internal and external stakeholders;
  • Data collection and analysis skills and the ability to recognize trends and communicate results;
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to coordinate projects involving a variety of stakeholders;
  • Ability to maintain accurate data and records;
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive collaborative working environment;
  • Ability to maintain a relationship with campus stakeholders;
  • Ability to encourage collaboration/coordination across operational areas;
  • Proven ability to apply critical thinking skills to complex situations involving multiple parties and propose data-backed solutions;
  • Strong organization and project management skills and capacity to manage multiple deadlines;
  • Ability to present information in multiple modalities and settings to varied audiences;
  • Ability to work from a statewide and system perspective;
  • Flexibility and ability to learn quickly;
  • Intermediate knowledge of Office productivity software;
  • Ability to use office equipment (computer, copier, fax machine)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, I/O Psychology, Communications, Education or related field plus two years of related experience OR Master’s Degree in Business, I/O Psychology, Communication, Education or related field
  • In lieu of degree, 6 years of experience providing support to students/faculty will be considered
  • Experience with coordinating organizational communications
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience with distance or online learning programs;
  • Experience within the TBR system

This is a part-time position (29 hours per week)

Applications accepted online only at https://www.tbr.edu/hr/job-opportunities-tbr-system-office