University of Kentucky — Program Coordinator, Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives

This Program Coordinator role is an integral part of the Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives team. Under supervision of the CGPDI Associate Director, responsibilities include designing and implementing support and enrichment programs for the academic, personal, and professional development of students of color and other historically marginalized graduate and professional students; increasing student participation in CGPDI student engagement programming by giving presentations at college orientations and other campus events; disseminating information in a timely manner through the use of print and electronic newsletters, social media and direct outreach to students, faculty, and staff; and promoting a supportive, professional, and responsive environment conducive to student achievement and the cultivation of healthy relationships, which foster matriculation, persistence, and increased graduation rates.

As part of CGPDI serving as a liaison with faculty, staff, and student leaders across campus, related responsibilities include promoting connections between students and mentors; forging alliances with alumni for the purpose of recruiting mentors for current/future students; supporting and empowering individual student cultural sensitivity development by providing experiences that foster self-discovery and develop the skills and relationships needed for a successful transition into diverse and global communities; assisting students with clarifying and reaching their personal and professional goals; promoting students’ networking in career development efforts; participating and leading ongoing conversations and the development of novel ways to focus on students’ needs with an academic and social emphasis across diverse issues; serving as adviser for assigned graduate and professional student organizations as needed, including supporting a community building group for graduate and professional students who are women of color; and participating in the planning and implementation of CGPDI orientation and belonging events both on and off campus.

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