U.S. Census Bureau Releases Its First-Ever Report on Male Fertility

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released its first-ever report on male fertility in the United States. The report found that about 60 percent of all males in the United States over the age of 15 have fathered children. The report includes some data broken down by race.

The report found that in 2014 there were 14,201,000 African American males over the age of 15. Of these 8,251,000 had fathered a child and 5,950,000 had not. Breaking down the data by age and race, the figures show that 3.1 percent of Black males between the ages of 15-19 had fathered a child. For White males in this age group, 1.2 percent were fathers. For men aged 20 to 29, 21.2 percent of Whites and 24 percent of Blacks had fathered a child. By the time men reached the age of 40, 75 percent of Whites and 80.5 percent of Blacks had fathered a child.

For men between the ages of 40 and 50, 26.8 percent of Whites had never had a child, compared to 19.5 percent of Blacks. In this same age group, 15.3 percent of White men had never been married, compared to 31.4 percent of Black men.

The full report, Men’s Fertility & Fatherhood: 2014, may be downloaded by clicking here.

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  1. Kevin says:

    This is interesting. I read just yesterday that Black males have poorer fertility health compared to whites males with millions and millions of fewer sperm counts; lesser sperm quality, and poor sperm motility. If true, this is not good news because sperm is epigenetic tagged and passed on inter-generationally, passing on bad genes along with the future off-spring inheriting it.

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