Tuskegee University — Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success

Tuskegee University (“Tuskegee” or “the University”), an icon of American higher education, the legendary home of World War II’s Tuskegee Airmen, the institutional legacy of Booker T. Washington, the original laboratory of George Washington Carver, and one of the very first private historically black colleges in the nation, seeks a data-driven, solutions oriented, and collaborative leader as Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success (VPEM).  


Established in 1881 by Booker T. Washington, Tuskegee has served as a beacon of educational excellence for nearly 138 years. Today it is a national, comprehensive, independent, and state-related institution of higher learning, with distinct strengths in the sciences, agriculture, architecture/construction, business, education, engineering, veterinary medicine, and health, all rooted in in a rich liberal arts tradition. The University’s overarching mission is to educate all students, especially African-American women and men, to understand themselves and their society against the backdrop of their total cultural heritage and the promise of their individual and collective future.

For more information about Tuskegee University, visit www.tuskegee.edu 


The VPEM influences the size, shape, and character of the undergraduate student body at Tuskegee. This leader confers with and advises the President, works closely with the Provost, partners with deans to facilitate their work of graduate student enrollment, and serves on various campus committees.  This position has a high degree of accountability and visibility, and collaborates with a broad constituency of stakeholders.  Enrollment Management begins with the integration of outreach recruitment, selection, enrollment, financial aid and student records, and student success.

The VPEM is a strategic and dynamic leader responsible for planning and leading broad-based programs that prepare students to lead high-impact lives upon graduation. The VPEM oversees the recruitment, acceptance, and enrollment of an academically-minded, diverse, and talented cohort of first-year and transfer students who are prepared to serve as model citizens in a global economy.  The VPEM will be accountable for resource acquisition and allocation, data analytics and cross-campus information sharing, effective development of marketing and communication materials, and assessment of programs and activities.  The VPEM and Enrollment Management team will lead the institutional efforts to meet annual campus outreach objectives and enrollment targets for new undergraduate students and for achieving campus goals that enhance the prominence of Tuskegee nationally and internationally.


  • Provides leadership and strategic vision for Enrollment Management and Student Success at Tuskegee in ways that support the caliber and reach of the university’s academic programs and the access, diversity, and long-term success of its students.
  • Ensures high performance and accomplishment of objectives and enrollment goals.  Achieves results through creative utilization of enrollment management strategies, targets, predictive analysis, data-driven decision-making, innovation, and exemplary customer service.
  • Represents Tuskegee to organizations such as the College Board and NACAC and participates in national meetings and organizations related to enrollment management. 
  • Partners with the Office of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing to oversee broad communication and marketing activities that promote Tuskegee and support the realization of enrollment goals and objectives. 


  • Master’s degree and seven to 10 years or more of university admissions or enrollment management experience (including three or more years of supervisor/manager experience) at an institution of comparable size and complexity. 
  • An affinity toward and a firm commitment to HBCUs as well as an understanding of the special responsibility required to maintain and advance them; an enthusiasm for articulating their important histories, championing their significance, and advocating for their future, in an increasingly diverse society.
  • Experience with private undergraduate admissions recruitment, operations, and programs. 
  • Experience leading organizational planning and management strategy meetings; ability to provide broad perspective, and think strategically, while balancing policy and practice. 
  • Public relations experience and political acumen to interact effectively with the media, to represent the campus at the state, national, and international level, and to work effectively and inclusively with a variety of diverse audiences and constituencies. 
  • Experience in fiscal management, human resource management, policy development, strategic planning, supervision, conflict management, data-driven decision making, and organizational problem solving. 
  • A strong commitment to and champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Experience with technology and systems; ability to identify and articulate the technology needs of the organization.

Tuskegee University has retained Diversified Search to recruit and to evaluate candidates for the position of Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success. All nominations, applications, and inquiries should be directed electronically to TuskegeeVPEM@divsearch.com.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer-Male/Female/Veteran/Disabled