Beloit College — Vice President for Enrollment

“Everything we do at Beloit College begins with students. Our mission statement, in this way, sets the tone. Everyone from our coaches to our faculty members, from the Board of Trustees to our admissions staff, is focused on supporting and enriching the student experience at Beloit College. 

“This singular focus, however, doesn’t translate to a cushy environment. That’s not Beloit. Ours is a community where challenges are confronted and risk taking rewarded; where close observation trumps 30,000-foot speculation. Where hands get dirty and boots too. Where information is passed along and processed, sifted and tested—and then, always, applied.

“This is more unique than you might think.”

–Scott Bierman, President of Beloit College, in a recent letter for the Beloit College Magazine


Beloit College invites nominations and applications for the position of Vice President for Enrollment. Reporting to, and partnering with, President Scott Bierman, the Vice President for Enrollment will be an active member of the college’s leadership team, a team that describes itself collectively as collaborative and inextricably linked, with “enormously high expectations” of themselves and for the college.  The Vice President works closely with colleagues in communications and marketing, finance and planning, development and alumni, academic affairs, athletics and student life, and will engage the trust and camaraderie of the community in moving Beloit College forward.  The college is poised for further success and seeks an outstanding and effective vice president to lead the charge in admissions and in the strategic oversight of financial aid strategy surrounding prospective and continuing students.    


Mission Statement
Beloit College engages the intelligence, imagination, and curiosity of its students, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives marked by high achievement, personal responsibility, and public contribution in a diverse society. Our emphasis on international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the integration of knowledge with experience, and close collaboration among peers, professors, and staff equips students to approach the complex problems of the world ethically and thoughtfully. 

About Beloit College
Founded in 1846, Beloit College predates the State of Wisconsin by two years. Since its beginning, Beloit College has been recognized for its long-standing commitment to curricular innovation in a residential setting.

A campus community of 1,200 students, Beloit is located in Beloit, Wisconsin: a riverfront city of 37,000 people just over the Wisconsin-Illinois state line. The city has an industrial past, but an increasingly tech future; in 2017, the NY Times reported that tech startups have increasingly been attracted to the vibrant downtown area.

Points of Pride 

Though the early curriculum was built on the classical tradition, a central tenet of a Beloit education has always been to situate liberal education in the context of the world in which it will be practiced. Throughout its history, Beloit College has articulated that commitment through its dedication to experiential learning in interdisciplinary and international contexts.   

of students complete a Liberal Arts in Practice (LAP)
experience, which involves applied or original work
extending beyond the traditional classroom.

The Beloit College community is diverse and noted for its passionate engagement with ideas and the world. Its 1,200 students are from nearly every state, the District of Columbia, and 40 nations. Forty-four percent of its students are domestic minorities or students from countries other than the United States.


Today, Beloit’s commitment to experiential, interdisciplinary and international learning is evidenced in the college’s “Liberal Arts in Practice” focus. Students are compelled – and required – to dig in to their studies; integrating knowledge with hands-on experience. They study, research, reflect and write—and all while intentionally testing and applying what they’re learning through a range of connected experiences.

Beloit offers more than 50 majors, 30 minors, and a number of dual-degree and pre-professional programs. In the curriculum, students at Beloit are able to navigate five educational Domains: Foundational Systems, Artistic and Creative Practices, Social Analysis of Human Behavior, Scientific Inquiry into Physical and Biological Universe, and Textual Cultures and Analysis. This flexible curriculum, grounded in rigorous study, encourages independent research, fieldwork, and collaboration with peers and professors.  Coursework is interdisciplinary, experiential, and global in scope and reflects the college’s commitment to developing students who have an understanding of the various social, cultural, aesthetic, and scientific aspects of the human experience, and the core writing, quantitative, and intercultural skills at the heart of responsible global citizenship. The average class size at Beloit is 15 and the student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1.

The college’s commitments to academic excellence, mentored research and collaborative learning, as well as experiential experiences, is celebrated and supported in numerous publications and reports. Beloit was ranked 13th for Most Innovative Schools and 20th for Best Undergraduate Teaching in US News and World Report. And in the National Survey of Student Engagement, Beloit students demonstrated they were heavily engaged in activities and experiences strongly correlated with academic success and the mission and focus of the college and its curriculum. Some of the areas where Beloit seniors performed distinctively higher than students at peer schools includes having courses with community-based learning (75% of our seniors say that about some or most of their courses),  completing a culminating experience like a senior capstone or thesis (95% of our seniors have done or plan to do one), and combining ideas from different courses when completing assignments, which is key evidence of our liberal arts in practice pedagogy (83% of our seniors do this often or very often).


While teaching is the faculty’s highest priority, all professors are active scholars and artists and many are leaders in educational reform.  Professors serve as mentors, guides, and partners on research projects and academic work. One member of the faculty noted, “Ours is a collaborative faculty. We work together across disciplines. We are also fully aware that Beloit is tuition-dependent—and we are highly engaged in recruiting students.”

Worth noting is the faculty’s uncommon commitment to both mentored student relationships and collegial collaborations across divisions. Evidence of these commitments can be seen in some of the college’s more unique programs: The Advising Practicum (a day-long program pitched twice yearly to advise and inspire students to think deeply about their path and program);an annual Student Research Symposium and an annual International Symposium (where students present their studies and research to the campus community). 


Beloit students are distinguished by a commitment to independent thought, a concern for the common good, and a passionate, critical engagement with the world.  Eighty-four percent of the 1,200 students are from out-of-state representing nearly every state, the District of Columbia, and 40 countries. Twenty-six percent of the students are domestic minorities and seventeen percent come from countries other than the United States.

Beloit College offers students an exceptional array of opportunities to study off-campus in countries across the world as well as domestically. Beloit students regularly conduct advanced research, run service projects, start businesses and organizations, take internships and field terms, do community outreach, produce plays and exhibits and events—on campus and around the world. These experiences, combined with academic rigor, provide a platform for meaningful jobs, graduate and professional studies, and rewarding lives.

Student Life and Athletics

Eighty-five percent of degree-seeking students live on campus in the college’s residence halls and special interest houses.  With the variety of housing and dining options and co-curricular offerings available to students, life at Beloit College promotes a genuine living-learning experience that welcomes freedom of thought, social interaction and community involvement. Beloit College offers more than 100 student-run clubs, organizations, and honor societies. The central student governance group, Beloit Student Congress, regularly has a budget of more than $250,000, which is fully controlled by students.

The college fields 17 NCAA Division III teams in the Midwest Conference. In any given season, approximately 25 percent of the student population is involved in intercollegiate athletics and Beloit’s student athletes consistently receive Academic All-American honors. A complete listing of intercollegiate sports can be found at   Club, intramural and recreational sports round out the athletic offerings that are available to students.

The Campus

The Beloit College campus consists of a wooded 65-acre main campus, a 26-acre athletic complex, and 89 acres devoted to other academic and research purposes. Winding pathways, expansive lawns, displays of public art, and ancient Indian mounds mark the campus.  The college’s academic facilities include the internationally recognized Logan Museum of Anthropology, the Wright Museum of Art, and the Hendricks Center for the Arts, which houses music, dance and film studies in a building that was once the city’s library. The platinum LEED-certified, 120,000 square-foot Center for the Sciences has research labs equipped with advanced technology and offers faculty, students and staff the best views in the city.

The college will open a distinctive and award-winning recreation, athletic and student center in the fall of 2019.  This uniquely conceived center is located on campus in a repurposed century-old generating station on the Rock River.  Connected by a pedestrian bridge bringing campus and community together, it is appropriately named The Powerhouse  and includes an indoor track, a competitive pool, fitness spaces, a signature lecture hall/theater space, meeting rooms, a café and lounge/hang-out space.  The World Architecture Festival awarded The Powerhouse its top prize among 2018 Future Projects.

Beloit College continues to move forward with campus infrastructure improvements that enhance the exceptional quality of the academic and cultural environment while calling out the college’s unique architecture and vistas (which includes nearly two-dozen ancient Indian mounds built by the Late Woodland people who may include ancestors of the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) people and other tribes). A space-use task force has presented findings for potential uses of the physical plant that best promote the mission and interests of the college. Attention to the physical campus is critically important to the college’s mission.

Financial Information

Beloit College’s 2017-18 operating budget totaled $54,877,421.  The primary sources of revenue were net tuition of $24,439,021 ($61,084,974 tuition and fee revenue less financial assistance of $36,645,953), auxiliary revenue endowment income, gifts, government grants and other investment income.  The endowment is currently valued at $159 million.  The comprehensive fee including tuition, fees, room and board for the academic year 2018-19 is $58,870.

Feeling the effects of an increasingly uncertain higher education market, Beloit College engaged its faculty, staff, and trustees during summer 2018 in a highly collaborative, focused effort to fortify the college’s financial footing through change.  The result is a multi-year plan by Beloiters for Beloiters that protects the fundamental DNA of the college and sets a path for an expertly tailored student experience.  Through four distinct but collaborative working committees, Beloit explored the college budget, present and future; enrollment, retention, and campus experience; examined the stories of Beloit and how best to portray them; and, worked on establishing a vision for the future.  The work of Beloit Forward continues and serves the college in strengthening the community and assuring its future is poised for success.  As Scott Bierman is fond of saying, “It’s a great day to be a Beloiter!”

Admissions and Financial Aid

Beloit College has received between 3,900 – 5,466 applications for fall first-year enrollment over the last three fall enrollment cycles.  The admit rate has ranged from 53% to 69%; and the yield has been 11%. The average GPA is 3.29.  Beloit is “test optional” in its admission practices with 19% of applicants submitting the results of the SAT and 38% of applicants submitting the results of the ACT.

Beloit College is often cited as a “Best Value” in higher education and offers both need-based and merit scholarships with the average institutional scholarship/gift aid alone of $29,492 (2017). 

The President

President Scott Bierman joined Beloit College in July 2009. He previously served as dean of the college at Carleton College in Minnesota. Appointed to the Carleton faculty in 1982, he was named chair of the economics department in 1991. From 1997 to 2000, he was faculty president, serving as liaison between faculty and the dean and president on curricular and personnel issues. President Bierman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and mathematics from Bates College in Maine and received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Virginia. His fields of interest include economics of the public sector, industrial organization, game theory, and experimental economics.  He is the co-author of a book on game theory and has designed teaching materials accompanying various textbooks in economics. 

President Bierman—known by all across campus as “Scott”—has captured the imagination of the Beloit College community. One person recently exclaimed, “He inspires and challenges me. It seems everyone is on board with the direction we’re heading—and some of us are absolutely on fire!  It’s a fun time to be here.” A faculty member added, “Scott is a person of integrity and ideas. He exudes energy. . . and the faculty love his self-deprecating geek humor!” An avid runner, Scott frequently invites colleagues, students, and even presidents of other institutions to join him in his avocation.

More information on President Bierman, including his biography, speeches, letters and updates can be found at


Beloit College is a founding member of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious academic consortiums. The member colleges– Beloit, Carleton, Coe, Colorado, Cornell, Grinnell, Knox, Lake Forest, Lawrence, Luther, Macalester, Monmouth, Ripon and St. Olaf—are highly respected liberal arts colleges that draw upon their combined resources to provide students and faculty ready access to a wealth of internship, undergraduate research, and off-campus study opportunities. In addition, Beloit is a proud member of Colleges That Change Lives, a collection of 44 liberal arts colleges “dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.”


The beautiful and historic city of Beloit is home to 37,000 residents as well as more than 88 industrial firms, 850 retail establishments, several corporate headquarters (Kerry Americas, ABC Supply, and Regal, among others), an Oakland Athletics-affiliated minor league baseball team, and several museums. Beloit is an easy drive to three diverse and thriving cities of Madison (50 miles), Milwaukee (70 miles) and Chicago (90 miles). In fact, O’Hare airport is just an 80 minute drive from Beloit College and there is hourly commercial bus service.

An ethnically rich community, Beloit’s population is uncharacteristically diverse given its size and location. Beloit’s residents are 67 percent Caucasian, 15 percent African-American, 17 percent Hispanic/Latino, and one percent Asian-American.

Beloit is also a culturally diverse community with an expansive community calendar that is filled with live music offerings and festivals, popular arts programming, large seasonal and holiday events, and a Farmer’s Market that fills the downtown district each Saturday morning in the summer and early fall.  In addition to the college’s Wright Museum of Art and the internationally acclaimed Logan Museum of Anthropology, Beloit also is the home to a downtown Fine Arts Incubator, numerous historic homesteads and mills, an expansive park system, and signature programs and events including the Beloit International Film Festival and the Beloit-Janesville Symphony.  Beloit has become a dining destination for the region and a showcase for two boutique hotels in its downtown.  

These assets, programs, and the partnerships that have built and sustained them, have won the city regular accolades, including:  Finalist, All-American City, 2012; Great American Main Street Award Winner, 2011; 2010 Finalist for Wisconsin State Tourism Top City; 2013 Wisconsin Trailblazer Award; and This Old House Magazine “Best Neighborhoods-Midwest” 2011.

More information regarding the city can be found at and


In addition to meeting and exceeding enrollment and net tuition revenue goals that exemplify the college’s mission and the college’s business goals, success for the Vice President for Enrollment at Beloit College will be determined, in great part, by these factors:  vision, leadership, and the ability to establish strong strategic partnerships with the President, senior staff, college departments and programs, and the Board of Trustees. The Vice President should be a confident, strategic and energetic leader with the expertise to:

Develop and implement a vision and plan for strategic enrollment management that is understood and embraced by the community. Create and execute plans for achieving long-term and also short-term goals for enrollment that are mission-driven while enhancing the college’s financial health. Capture an innovative approach to recruiting and retaining first year domestic, transfer students, and international students in collaboration with Beloit internal partners to include faculty, staff, alumni and students.  Communicate broadly goals and achievement of goals so as to engage the whole campus.

Lead an energetic and experienced admissions staff.  Support the team’s involvement on and off campus with professional guidance and ensure staff development.

Be an essential partner with the Chief Communications and Integrated Marketing Officer and the Provost to enhance the college’s reputation and market position. Work closely and collaboratively to develop an enrollment marketing plan focused on achieving enrollment goals, enhancing Beloit’s national and international visibility and telling the fascinating stories of Beloiters. Tell the story of Beloit, the accomplishments of individuals and the College as a whole, and the value of a Beloit education (recognizing that highlighting Beloit’s strengths does not mean promising everything to everyone).

Collaborate fully with the Chief Financial Officer on financial aid issues, with the CFO taking the lead in compliance and staff management, and the VPEM taking the lead in financial aid and enrollment strategies in order to leverage for the matriculation and retention of successful Beloit students. Marshall the appropriate expertise to take full advantage of the most effective predictive enrollment and financial aid models that promote outcomes consistent with the college’s mission and dependence on net tuition revenue.

Provide realistic and empathetic leadership in the establishment of a financial aid philosophy and financial aid policies that recognize the importance of access and a healthy business model. Promote the use of data and analysis in making decisions about enhancing student quality, retention and net tuition revenue.  Ask insightful questions. Take informed and decisive actions.

Enhance the Enrollment Management division’s use of Slate, Powerfaids, and Jenzabar for greater strategic and tactical benefit. Collect and utilize data that informs the areas of enrollment, and the rest of the campus community, about essential elements of measuring success.

Continue to educate a supportive and sophisticated college community on best practices in enrollment management.  Guide campus-wide discussions regarding the intersection of student quality, diversity, athletics, financial aid, admissions and retention.  Listen, analyze and help identify common goals and desires for the college and trade-offs that may be necessary to achieve those goals.

Capitalize on the advantages inherent in Beloit’s membership in the Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL), the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), and other consortia. Continue to publicize and promote among prospective students and their families the distinctions and benefits of these affiliations.

Aggressively seek out opportunities to showcase Beloit College through speaking engagements, published articles, blogging, media appearances, attending local, regional and national alumni and community events, and through other means of outreach that have the potential to enhance the college’s visibility, reputation and goodwill. In addition, strengthen relationships with key and important external partners to include secondary and independent counselors, Community based organizations, community college colleagues and international counselors.

Continually assess and strengthen the enrollment programs and operations. Ensure that the enrollment program is guided by ethical standards of the profession and enhances the reputation of Beloit College and the wellbeing of its students.


The Vice President for Enrollment must be a consummate professional who embraces a team environment and works with colleagues in the spirit of partnership and transparency. The ideal candidate will also be bold, yet decisive; politically astute; resilient and resourceful; and ambitious for the college. In addition, the college is interested in candidates with the following qualities:

  • Proven leadership skills
  • Innovative ideas and approaches to enrollment
  • Mature understanding of the connection between a liberal arts college business model and its educational model
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with diverse constituents
  • Knowledge of enrollment and financial aid data systems, technology and research
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong supervisory and mentoring skills with experience in building, developing and motivating staff and volunteers
  • Fluency in issues related to transfer student recruitment and international student recruitment
  • Appreciation of NCAA Division III student athletes and coaches and the value athletics brings to a residential campus
  • Understanding of Beloit’s mission and its model of residential liberal education, and ease in articulating its value
  • Ability and willingness to play an active role in the life of the college
  • Confidence to take risks, manage those risks and measure results
  • A sense of urgency, a sense of humor, and a commitment to the mission of the college
  • Balanced approach to the art and science of enrollment practices
  • Talent for guiding and developing relationships with high school and independent counselors, community based organizations, and other external influencers of prospective students
  • Facility with studying data strategically and with finesse
  • Honesty
  • At least ten years of progressively responsible and successful experience in higher education enrollment-related areas. Advanced degree preferred.


Napier Executive Search ( is assisting Beloit College with this search for a vice president for enrollment. If you wish to have a confidential conversation about this opportunity or to nominate someone for this position, please contact:  Mary Napier, or Robin Reynders, . Resumes will be reviewed as they are received and will continue until the position is filled; for best consideration, submit materials by March 10.  Expected start date is summer 2019. If you wish to apply, please submit a resume and letter of interest electronically and in confidence, to:

For more information about Beloit College, visit

Because equity and inclusion are central to our students’ liberal education and vital to the thriving of all members of our residential learning community, Beloit College aspires to be an actively anti-racist institution. We recognize our aspiration as ongoing and institution-­wide, involving collective commitment and accountability. We welcome employees who are committed, and will actively contribute, to our efforts to celebrate our cultural and intellectual richness and be resolute in advancing inclusion and equity. We encourage all interested individuals meeting the criteria of the described position to apply.