Union College — Visiting Assistant Professor, U.S. Politics

The Department of Political Science at Union College invites applications for a three-year Visiting Assistant Professor position in U.S. Politics. This position will begin in fall 2019. Union College is a leading national liberal arts college with a focus on undergraduate education. We are interested in applicants who can offer public policy courses in several of the following (or other) areas: environment, education, health care, urban affairs, housing, transportation, immigration, criminal justice. The ability to offer a course on Congress and/or race & ethnicity in U.S. politics would be a plus. The normal teaching load is six courses across a trimester system, at least one of which would be Introduction to U.S. Politics. Normally, faculty supervise senior projects that count for one or two courses of the teaching load. Evidence of teaching experience and effectiveness will be important. We will have a preference for candidates who clearly demonstrate research potential with an agenda for future work. Candidates with a Ph.D. are preferred, though ABD applications within one year of completion will be considered.

Union College is an equal opportunity employer and strongly committed to student and workforce diversity. Union provides a blend of intellectual, social and cultural opportunities to facilitate the integrated academic, social and personal development of a diverse community. We value and are committed to a host of diverse populations and cultures including, but not limited to, those based on race, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national origin and veteran status. Increasing diversity on campus is a critical priority for Union, one that is integral to our mission of preparing students for a globally interconnected world. Our goal is not only to increase diversity, but to support a diverse environment in which people from varied backgrounds can succeed and thrive. As such, we welcome applications from members of groups traditionally underrepresented in the field and we encourage applicants to comment in their cover letter on the ways in which their candidacy represents an increase in the diversity of the faculty, or a commitment to the ideals of joining a community of diverse faculty, students, and staff. To ensure applications receive full consideration, they should be submitted by February 22, 2019. Please upload a cover letter, CV, three reference letters, a sample of scholarly work, teaching evaluations, and other relevant teaching materials, to www.union.edu/offices/human-resources/jobs/.


APPLY NOW: http://www.union.edu/offices/human-resources/jobs/