Dallas County Community Colleges – El Centro College — Executive Dean, Health Sciences

Salary Range (Full-Time)
$90,000.00 – $103,500.00 (dependent on experience and other considerations)

Position Summary
Position is responsible for creating and sustaining an environment of academic and professional excellence for students and faculty and a collaborative working environment with educational team members. Leads and directs workforce development and community education services through coordination with business and industry leaders.

Minimum Knowledge and Experience
Master’s degree plus three (3) – five (5) years of administrative work experience, including supervision/team lead and two (2) years of teaching experience, both in higher education. Official transcripts are required. ***Will be subject to criminal background and/or fingerprint check.***

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Provides leadership for academic management that ensures efficient course offerings, effective program advising, high levels of student retention, and timely completion of degrees, certifications, etc. Collaborates with staff and faculty to promote inclusion and retention of students through programs and activities congruent with best practices in student success. Ability to convey and execute a clear vision for assigned area. Advances the vision, mission, and goals of the division and DCCCD. Fosters an environment that supports creativity, innovation, inclusivity, and scholarly productivity that reflects DCCCD’s tradition of excellence. Maintains accreditation standards and ensures that continuing education programs/training, etc., adhere to DCCCD’s policies/procedures, state and federal regulations. Implements policies and procedures as determined by the DCCCD Board of Trustees, as applicable. Provides reports summarizing and/or projecting data related to contact hours, student population, industry needs, etc. Knowledge and experience to determine the best approach to solving complex problems and/or issues. Collaborates with the other academic leaders and staff to promote inter-professional, interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional partnerships. Promotes quality academic programs that meet the educational requirements of the students and external constituents. May instruct classes, arrange for substitutes or instruct classes for absent faculty and assist with other functions to fulfill service area needs. Develops curriculum and programs necessary to meet the needs of the community, students and region as well as the emerging needs of a rapidly changing economic environment. Develops syllabi and teaching assignments; evaluates the effectiveness of new and existing courses, instructors, programs and services. Commitment to lifelong learning, student success, and academic excellence in face-to-face and distance education. Supervises and/or participates in the selection, professional development and performance evaluation of full-time/part-time employees and other contractual staff in assigned area. May write, review, approve or administer grants. Develops, implements and monitors budget for all services within assigned area. Provides strong leadership, oversight and guidance in all aspects of the district’s educational programs, research endeavors, community outreach and service programs in assigned area; encourage effective collaborative relationships; and fosters excellence in teaching, research and service. Must have excellent listening, oral and written communication skills to communicate with a diverse array of stakeholders and constituents within the DCCCD community network. Perform other duties as assigned.